Introduction to receiving notifications on new Product Types and upcoming changes


A content rich product listing makes it easier for customers to make better buying decisions. Starting April, we are introducing new Product Types and modifying few existing ones. These Product Types will have product specific attributes that will help you describe your products better. This change will not immediately affect your existing selection.

Any new attribute, required for a Product Type will first be introduced as “optional” in the new or modified Product Types and later will be made “required” after 60 days. We will be sending out monthly updates on new Product Types and modification of existing ones along with the associated unique attributes that have been added as “optional” or “required” for the given Product Type.

When creating new selection, you can view these new or modified Product Types in Seller Central by navigating through > Inventory > Add Products via upload and selecting the appropriate template to download.


What if the content is incorrect AND Amazon will not let you change it?


Continue to increase attributes and eventually eliminate keywords. This would give customers excellent search results!


I would just prefer an expanded list of what I can list. I have several hundred items ready, all one of a kind, and I was able to list 22. I will run out of inventory at this rate, certainly anything that moves if I can’t lest a lot of new Items it has almost been a month


I hope this isn’t the same person that changed the seller Homepage creating this. Looks like more problems are on the way, like every change Amazon has made in the last few years.
Thanks for the warning.


To the best of my knowledge the only way to currently lookup product types is by downloading a specific template or scraping data.

Does anyone know if there is a single data file we can download with the entire list? Wouldn’t that make it simpler for everyone?


Will this cause products to be delisted if the adjustments are not made in time? We go by API and map our fields - will we just have to adjust the product type field?


Is there any way Amazon would consider changing the templates when an item is moved from an incorrect category to the proper one?

I have incense holders and incense sticks that are supressed because they are missing important details: Watts, Voltage, and Shade color…clearly these were falsely put in lamps at some point.

I also have a mug missing it’s author, publisher and ISBN

A candle set missing thread count

I mean I think that paints the picture, when someone (intentional or not) lists a product in the wrong category and then someone else corrects it…the attribute requirements/templates don’t transfer with the move.

On the surface, I support this initiative as more details for customers means less returns BUT only if I don’t have to put in electrical output details on granular white sage…


Why do I have a bad feeling about this …


AZ holds another hoop and says jump


Orrrrrrrrr…You could just fix the “Create a new product: Classify” search that NEVER works. That would be amazing. Glad to see Amazon is “helping” seller sell more and not just create more hoops to try and navigate. Wonder how these things get pitched in meetings and get brought up instead of fixing things. Oh, there is always the search engine inside add a product which is horrible, so you have to search, get the ASIN then bring it back to find and add. You know. Little things.


Can you do a better job explaining this? I’m not sure I fully understand, maybe screen shots?


Is this why our ASINs are no longer assigned to a category and we can’t fix it?


Amazon needs to start by fixing their own listings of products they sell rather than trying to make their sellers do their work for them.


I’m looking forward to this feature. Will make creating new ASIN quicker for me.

Don’t care to lose time to review possible field options for those items where the fields don’t apply.


Wow, what a convoluted explanation of “Product Types”.

I’ve read it 5 times now, and maybe some others can help me understand…

Let’s say I sell Pipes. You know, pipes like what water runs thru. I think most of us can relate to that.

So, when I list my pipes, is Amazon saying they’ll give me something like 4 Product Types, and I’d select options like this?

Product Type

Length—48 inches
Diameter—1 inch
Wall Thickness—1/8"

Is this what they’re talking about?
And so, Amazon would give me product type fields like Material, Length, Diameter, and then I make selections that fit my product?

I hope I’m right with my speculation. Because this will be a huge help for shoppers. Do you know how hard it is to buy cardboard boxes on Amazon? Instead, Amazon would present shoppers with Product Type fields, for locating boxes: Length, Width, Height. That’s just one example. I sure hope this is where they’re headed…or, I could be completely off base.


Can someone dumb this down for me?

Maybe pros and cons or just tell what their even talking about.


I’m only guessing…so I think we just need to wait, sit back, and wait until AZ starts rolling this out…


The continued ‘changes’ most be created by AI or persons that do not sell on this platform. I have this issue with a software that I started to use - the basic features are great (when they work) but the finer details of how ‘it should work’ were left off the table or not considered as they don;t ask the users for feed back and they don’t use the software to see for themselves the missing workflow features.


This will never be the case lol. But I agree with you!