Introducing thermal printing for FBA shipping labels


Yes. We use macs… We simply open the PDF in Preview then go to:

  • Tools/Rectangular Selection to select the label area to print, then
  • Tools/Crop to crop the excess away.

Do this on both labels and hit print. It works great and is very quick.


took them almost 2 decades to add 4x6 when the label was already that size?
think of all the paper could of saved , time , man power, and money from millions of sellers sending millions of shipments


Where do you get them for free?


Both FedEx and UPS will supply them for free if you have an account that has any volume.


What he said :point_up:, though I’ve found that Fedx is stingy on labels with any amount of volume (high or low), whereas UPS is cut and dry with no matter the volume. Basically UPS will provide more free labels than Fedex will.


I just got a 4XL and I am getting a printer error repeatedly…


What error?


Really @t_c, you had to reopen a 3 month old thread with your printer issue. You can create new threads for new issues.


This is helpful, and what is the best printer to use for the ASIN product labels?


i use a Dymo 4XL