Introducing thermal printing for FBA shipping labels


Been trying this for a half hour and it is not working. I dont think this is possible. There is no option to choose label in the advanced settings for one thing.


Just a question for those of you who use thermal labels. What is your “non- delivery” or " lost package" rate?




Are you saying that on 8 1/2 x 11 paper you can print the FNSKU?


@4_Nicky_Noodles Every major shipper used thermal.


I had the same problem with my 4XL. Mine was the paper size was no longer set for 1744907 labels.


We have used thermal labels for over 2 years and have never had a lost package.


You can already do this. That’s how we have been printing them for 6 years now.


Oh gosh! That’s a lot work! By a roll of 2x1 thermals, download the FNSKU, open in a PDF and then change the paper size to your label size and print 5000 at a time on a roll. Then just get a label dispenser!


Has anyone noticed that the labels are not well formatted to fill the whole 4x6 area?


I had that trouble too. I have only been able to get the UPS label to work by downloading into acrobat DC and then printing “current page” with “to fit”. if you try to print them both at once the FBA label looks fine the UPS label looks small and hard to read. im using the zebra ZP505 (fedex version)


give me a minute and i’ll screen shot it.


print item label from manage FBA inv


choose label count/size. i actually converted mm to inches to order label rolls. i think avery products show both, maybe. 40 up is dymo 30334


open downloaded item label file with adobe. choose your thermal printer, then properties, (i left this step out of my original post accidentally) then advanced. this will get to a drop down list of labels, choose what matches your roll label size.


choose quantity and print. you might run 1 to check sizes. i drop mine to 95% because it prints a little low for me.


hope this helps, let me know how it goes.


what were you printing from? adobe or from the dymo itself? printing from dymo was a pain. running them from adobe is a breeze.


I have two 4XLs’ set up.

One 4XL is set for the 1744907 4x6 labels. That 4XL prints the FBM UPS/USPS shipping labels direct from Amazon buy shipping.

For the FBA warehouse shipping labels I print them via Adobe and choose the 4x6 XL Printer and select actual for the size.

The 2’d 4XL is set for the 30334 2-1/4" x 1-1/4" labels and prints the FNSKU labels using the Dymo software. I don’t use the Manage FBA Inventory > Action > Print Labels.


This post is referring to pallet / box labels; not for the individual FNSKU stickers – as indicated in the body of the announcement:

Print FBA box and pallet labels


where do you get the item FNSKU then?


Manage Inventory or Manage FBA Inventory and then preferences on the far right and check the FNSKU box.

I might add I create the FNSKU label using the Dymo software and save it as my sku #. (see image in post #29)


OK same area just the other side of the screen


Zero for label issues. This is industry standard.