Introducing thermal printing for FBA shipping labels


For some reason the quality of the Thermal prints are low on the UPS shipping labels, checked many settings and quality options but still could get much improvement.
Has anyone experienced similar issues.
Using Zebra LP 2844 - could this antiquated device be the issue?


I had issues. I slowed the label printer speed down and quality improved substantially.


This seems great, but a more important question is, has that font been improved? It’s always wonky looking when it prints out or makes a PDF. The letter spacing his horrible.


thousands on paper? you send to FBA more then lets say thousands upon thousands of shipments a year?


10 minutes? LOL I do less than a minutes.


it was good. please do the same for fbm packing slip.


download label to your pc then print again


I use the same Zebra model, no problem printing the UPS shipping labels (I’m assuming you mean the ones for fba). Speed: 2.5, Darkness: 15, Dithering: None.
The dithering setting seemed to help a lot with quality.

Have you tried cleaning the printer head?
Slowing the speed down might also help.
Good quality labels.

I should note: I don’t print the fba shipping labels directly to the Zebra.
I use the pdf, photo the label, then print from Adobe.
I could never get Amz/FedEx/UPS labels to print directly to the Zebra. (In Buy Shipping, the 2844 wasn’t listed as being supported, so maybe that’s the case with the UPS labels.)
Someone on the forum suggested updating the printer drivers might solve that issue–might be worth a try? They suggested seagate drivers I think. And I can’t remember for sure who suggested this–redwing or rushdie maybe?
I’m so used to doing it the pdf way for years now, I just leave it alone. It works so I don’t try to change it. I’ve never had an issue with the labels not scanning, either with FedEx, UPS or at the FC.

How to do this on a Zebra LP2844:
Inventory tab > Manage FBA Shipments
Click the ‘Scan & Label’ link
Click ‘Printer Settings’
Enter the size of your item label.

NOTE: This might take some experimentation, depending on which labels you’re using. I use S-6801 from U, which are 2.25 x 1.25 inches. I set for 60mm x 30mm.

From the Manage Inventory page, copy the ASIN of item
Paste in the box on the Scan & Label page
Press Enter

You should now see the name of the item to the right of the box where you pasted the ASIN
Below all that, you should see a new area with the Merchant SKU, FNSKU, Condition, Fulfilled by and Label Quantity.
Below the Label Quantity there are 2 buttons: Print Label or Download Label.

You can choose to print the label directly and I don’t know what happens with this choice, because I don’t do it that way (sorry).

Download the label (which I save to a folder so I can later print at my convenience without going thru this whole process again), which opens as a pdf.

Select the Zebra printer which has the aforementioned labels in it.
Properties > Speed: 2, Darkness: 15, Dithering: None

Select the # of copies
Page Sizing & Handling: Actual Size, ‘Choose paper source by pdf page size’ checked (really doesn’t seem to make a difference either way–but it defaults to this),
Portrait orientation.

I used to do this on a Dymo 450 Turbo, but it was too slow for my liking, the labels didn’t always come out as crisp and there weren’t options for customizing the settings like on the Zebra.
The Zebra spits them out at a rapid pace and the labels are cheaper.

I think this new option may explain why there were problems printing from Buy Shipping a day or 2 ago. Maybe they were working on the implementation? Just a thought.


I stopped printing FNSKU labels through Amazon a few years ago. I use a Dymo 4XL.

It looks like this:


I have been using 30 up for years, you just need to set it up, however I only use it on 30 at a time 1 sku


they print the fba label kinda small instead of turning it 90 degrees to fit the 4x6 paper like we would do manually in a pdf viewer.


A real game changer for me. Saves time and money. I am using so much less toner and paper.


Once generated, I need to send my shipping labels to a remote location to be printed. Right now and save them as a PDF and place them in a dropbox. Does anyone know, if this works with thermal labels for a Zebra printer as well?


It look 10 years to change the print layout of a label ? Can we all just take a moment to grasp how ridiculous this sounds


Amazon still has the deprecated but functional “Ship & Label” for thermal FNSKU printing. This is also the only publicly available application I have found for printing FNSKU’s on Dymos with Linux. I designed my own in house application given the short comings of “Ship & Label”. They still have no one piece flow option for printing FNSKU so ill stick with my custom app. It cuts down a lot on errors if you can attach the label at the time each item is listed, instead of after all items in a shipment are listed.


i print all my packlist on 4x6 thermal labels.


I used to print them on my dymo when I did FBA years ago.


I will warn you about Thermal Printed Labels. Do NOT put tape over the label because the adhesive eats away the thermal printed color, and quickly. I shipped out two days worth of orders using my thermal printer and because it was pouring rain I thought it would be a good idea to put clear tape over the address part to ‘protect it’.

Then a couple of days later I start getting complaints that items that should have been delivered had not been, and the tracking showed nothing, or that they had been returned. A few days after that I started getting packages back with a blank space beneath the clear labels! I had to open each package to find the packing slip to know where they were suppose to go, then reship them all, at MY Cost! Was a nightmare.

Another thing I noticed on those returned packages…everything that wasn’t under my take was still visible, but barely because it had begun to fade in the week since I shipped them out. So packages that might take longer to get to its destination were probably getting so light it was becoming difficult for the post office to read them.

I stopped using thermal labels after that nightmare was over. So this is just a little tip from someone who has experienced the negative side of thermal labels.


We were already using the Dymo 4XL printer for shipping labels prior to this rollout, but once the rollout occurred, the dymo spits out 2 to 2&1/2 blank labels after one label prints, and even if we try to print them one page at a time, it still spits out blank labels even when we request only one page to print. We finally went back to our old canon printer, since we couldn’t spend time rolling labels back into the dymo, unplugging it and plugging it back in between each label.


I must say. Since being able to use Thermal Printing, not only has it helped streamline things in my warehouse, it is also much more cost effective and efficient!

Thanks Amazon!!!