Introducing thermal printing for FBA shipping labels


On December 18, 2019, we launched support for printing shipping labels on thermal paper for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) sellers in North America. You now have the option to print FBA box and pallet labels using the thermal printing format (4 x 6 inches) when you create shipments to Amazon fulfillment centers.

Why is FBA launching this?

Previously, FBA supported only the US letter format (8.5 x 11 inches) for printing box and pallet labels. The format requires some additional handling, since multiple labels are printed on the same page and you have cut out the individual labels.

Thermal printing allows you to print labels individually. This simplifies handling, improves label readability, and makes it easier to match labels to the correct boxes and pallets.

To learn more, see Shipping Label Requirements.


Is there a timetable for when the ability to use thermal printing paper will be added to MWS?


I have been using this since day 1. $aving thousands on paper , ink , labor etc…plus thermal paper is free from carrier. Win Win


I have been using this since it rolled out, it has been great!


Nice Job - it works well!
Now if only Amazon would roll out printing product FNSKU barcode labels on Thermal labels (30-up size) instead of on 8.5x11 paper.
That would be great!


in manage FBA inventory --> print product label.
there is a wide selection of label sizes here. box labels can be printed by using adobe. the shipping label requires copy paste from adobe to MO picture manager. print at full size. you just need to choose your thermal printer and label size under advanced settings.


It would be really nice if you would make the same option available for the bar code labels to a thermal direct printer. If you could put in your label size, not just for sheets of labels but for thermal printer rolls.


Welcome to 2020 :wink:


That has already been available for a very long time! as @WKGDM_SIGNS_AND_GRAP displayed above.


That has already been available for a very long time!

When you go to print, change to “5” per, and 5 bar codes (with small text & FNSKU) will print onto one sheet of 4x6" thermal, then we take it to the cutting board and chop them singularly.


Don’t you still need to change the “Number of labels per” to 30, when selecting 30-up?


It’s nice, but still prefer to use Onlinelabels SKU OL2590AT


Because you pay for those and others get them for free. :man_facepalming:


It costs us 11 cents each and the convenience is worth it when you ship 24x24x24 boxes with 120 items in a box…


Been using a Zebra thermal printer to print FNSKUs off label perforated ROLLS for 4 years now. Google is your friend. The how to is there. No need to print on paper, expensive sticker sheets and no need to even chop them. Just tear.


it’s there. i use the 44up with label 30334 in my dymo. download the file and open it with adobe. hit print choose your printer then choose label from your advanced setting. i usually print at 95% size.
same as the image above.


just buy the correct size roll label and print all you want. no need and cut.


nope. your thermal printer will recognize things by your choosing the correct label type.

@mikla i can print 100+ labels in 10 minutes or less. around 02 cents each if you buy blank labels in bulk.
you can find a dymo package with printer and 4 rolls of shipping labels for under $150 online.


i agreed, i just open a bussiness account in UPS and got the thermal printer for 13 dollars a month and all the printing paper is free, it is really great thing im saving a lot too.


Not our first rodeo… we have several Dymos and Zebra printers… just FAR easier for our process to print individual 8.5x11 per box. Cost is NOT even a consideration at $0.001 per item.