Introducing the New Seller Forums Experience



Those emails just vanish into some giant cyber black hole. Amazon is going to do what it wants no matter how many emails are sent to that address.




Good timing and thanks for the heads up. I only have a week left before it’s no longer appealable on my end. How come there’s no evidence of the escalation in my seller central?

VTR. Don’t lie, we all know there isn’t a paper trail. Your gif should be of un-read emails being deleted.


Hi @Thisistheway,
Thank you for sharing the functionality that is important to your experience, I was able to share this with our product team. As we are constantly updating, we ask that you continue to provide specific feedback like what you provided on how we can improve, especially once you are in the new forums experience



For sure. And it looks like this is the intent:


Hello Aquaponic_Lynx_LLC:

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. I'd like to provide some follow-up details for you.

A) Within the new search & navigation, we have provided additional filter and sorting options so you can quickly locate helpful replies, relevant discussions, and seller tips.

B) The new voting options will include upvoting, downvoting, and marking a reply as most helpful. This provides sellers with additional ways to engage and interact. Sellers can upvote posts that positively contribute to the discussion or downvote if it is not helpful or contributing to the discussion. Note that the downvoting feature isn't intended to be used when a seller does not agree with the poster.

C) Amazon responses will be easier to filter in the search results so you can quickly see if an Amazon Community Manager has responded already.

D) We would like to understand more about the type of personalization you'd like. Please email any feedback to

E) Community Managers look out for the health of and engagement across the community. We are equipped with many Amazon tools and have relationships with partner teams to help research and resolve seller issues.

We are actively working to merge the profiles and will notify you when your profiles are merged. No action is required from you at this time to merge the profile. Merging the two profiles will not preserve bookmark history, though. Please let us know how you use bookmarks and how we can better create a feature that more sellers can utilize.

Tagging and quoting should be available by the end of the year.

Thank you,



Hi dwat70:

As the selling community grows, we believe that showing business names will help increase trust and mutual respect amongst sellers. It's also another great way to network and learn more about the other sellers you engage with in the forums.

Let me share the feedback about the profile experience you described and see if I can gather additional details.


:x: The new forum will publish your real business name
New Forum -- do you understand what is coming?
❌ Clarity needed on the "Clarity Around Display of your Business Name on your Profile in the NSFE" @Wyatt_Amazon
:x: The new forum will publish your real business name
:x: The new forum will publish your real business name
:x: The new forum will publish your real business name

And how would that happen?

A seller may not contact another seller.

Private messages within the forum will not be allowed.

The forum itself is not be used for that sort of thing. We do a certain amount of it along the way, but the focus is on solving problems / answering questions.


They’ll have to create a topic and talk to each other in code. Nobody will be able to figure it out until Benedict Cumberbatch comes along and cracks it.


Hi there Oneida:

We do have filters such as spam or inappropriate content in place when a seller posts on our forums; however, we do strive to minimize any delays that would affect your experience posting discussions.

We will look further into the delay that was mentioned by the poster.

Thank you,



How can we opt out of showing the business name? Is there a way to do it before migrating to the new experience?


It’s also a major privacy violation. How can we opt out? Will you respect a users right to be forgotten and follow the law and delete our posts?



That would make my barcode |||||||||||||||||||| useless.

How do I opt out ?


The mods have asked repeatedly why private messaging matters to your business.

I will share in this topic, rather than by email:

I have used it very little, but have found private messaging to be appropriate for consulting with a trusted member to discuss details that are better left private, or should not be made public at all. It helps in avoiding trolls.


Hello papyrophilia:

We take safety seriously in our selling community. Both sellers and community managers are encouraged to report concerning behavior to help keep the community safe for everyone.

In terms of functionality and access, only sellers who are logged in via their Seller Central account will be able to see your business name on the profile page. Sellers who are not logged in will not see any identifying information related to you or your business.


New Forum -- do you understand what is coming?
:x: The new forum will publish your real business name
:x: The new forum will publish your real business name
:x: The new forum will publish your real business name

Out if this happens. If I want someone else to know my business I provide it to them in PM. Between this and no PMs I’ll be gone.


Doesn’t help with the issues @OopsieAmazon posted.



Who approved this???


This is not a way to make us feel safe. There have been many who post on here who are clearly not stable people. Amazon can verify credit card and address but not character.


Considering the number of attacks on seller accounts that happened when the forum forced us to display our Account Names I do not believe that I can participate once the forums are switched over.

I will not have the account I manage damaged by trolls and individuals who do not like having Amazon Policy pointed out to them. Some of these people react maliciously to this and you are deliberately giving them a target to aim for.

No Thanks.