Introducing the Black-Owned Business badge


We're excited to share that we’re currently testing a Black-Owned Business badge to help customers identify products sold by certified Black-owned businesses on Amazon.

The Black-Owned Business badge will appear when the featured offer for a product in Search results and product detail pages is from a certified Black-owned business. Customers will also have the opportunity to visit the Black-owned business storefront.

US-based sellers with a valid diversity certification granted by a government agency or third-party supplier may be granted the Black-Owned Business badge in the coming weeks as we test this new feature.

Learn more about the Black-Owned Business badge or upload a diversity certification.


I am here for the comments


Big PR fail with the badge word, especially for those familiar with that kind of badge you know I’m thinking of.

Just waiting for this announcement thread to get nuked.


The nuking as already begun. They get to deal with it now.


Ah I see they are only “testing” it. lol Please publish the results! One way to stop racism is to stop being racist.


This post received 67 likes as of 1:23pm Pac on 8/23/22. It was objecting to this initiative. I have been awarded the “great reply” badge. Now I have been notified that the community finds it offensive and my post is hidden. OK. I have scrubbed the post.


That’s one advantage of the internet.


What took so long?

They already have the Women-Owned Small Business, Veteran-Owned Small Business, and LGBT Business Enterprise diversity certifications so this was long overdue.


How about a flag to show which brands are owned by the Chinese government.


Soon there will be ‘badges’ for everyone! In a multitude of colors I’m sure. Speaking of badges, how come NO BADGES for Made in USA products on here? Don’t try to say that bad actors will falsify their certification docs,etc…of course they will. That’s WHY 3rd party certification exists (even though they charge you for that too). That distinction alone would help buyers vote with their wallets. Want to make a badge that’s actually useful? Just like walking through a brick and mortar store…you pick it up, look at the label and decide. Not all buyers are interested in cheap stuff made overseas! Just 90% of the people on here selling it are.


Most “Made in USA” claims I see are on Chinese product with final packaging in the US.


This is not a new initiative, as topic-threads such as our friend @verdigrisly’s from May2021 illustrate:


This thread did not disappoint.





This is a perfect example of how disconnected Amazon is from its sellers at times.

Rather than updating us with how woke Amazons PR department is, why don’t you all work to correct the on going issues that are riddling the platform? If you all put in the same amount of effort into correcting issue and supporting sellers as you do making us aware of how “woke” you all are, Amazons relationship with its sellers could be so much better. Instead you all are wasting time, money and man power to to prove how politically correct you are, when literally no one asked.



Greetings, the first line in your post is so astute and also so sad. This is a perfect illustration of an unintended consequence. In this case Amazon is taking what currently is a perfectly level playing field and potentially tilting it in an unfortunate way.


I don’t understand why people are so angry about this. I personally don’t see value in it and as others have brought up might mark some businesses as targets for discrimination. But as long as its opt-in its no skin off my back.


IMO its just rather irritating to see other sellers dealing with major issues, yet this is where resources go. Amazon may be the largest company in the world, but it still operates *** backwards in correcting issues that sellers have been suffering with for years. Money, time and man powers is being spent to come with the idea and design of this badge, while seller support can barley answer a simple question. Listings are being suppressed for month for unit counts that have been entered over and over again and Amazon has no clue what is causing this, yet decide to waste time with political nonsense that maybe 3 people asked for. Just seems like resources could be spent improving the platform rather than appeasing the small percentage of seller that care about such issues.


It qualifies for the minority seller program and has been used by sellers already as Jews are a very small minority in America.


I know it’s still early on, only being 1 hr old of a post, but this should tell you all you need to know about this.


These type “Badges” are just wrong.