Introducing home entry compliance enforcement


Starting May 15, 2022, a home entry compliance enforcement policy will be implemented, as part of which items must be delivered only to the customer's porch, driveway, or garage.

It is against Amazon’s policy to enter a customer’s home unless one of the following conditions are met:

-You can either enroll in the Amazon ShopLocal program, or

- Have Amazon help you deliver your items

If you enter a customer’s home without meeting one of the above conditions, you are in a violation of the policy. Violations could have an impact on your ability to sell seller-fulfilled items.

For more information, go to Home entry compliance policy.


Who the heck is this effecting?


Who’s delivering inside someone’s home?


Didn’t even know that was an option. I have been missing out!


I’m assuming it is effecting the “Amazon Home Services” people. But if FBM sellers are entering your home you have a slightly larger problem then just breaking Amazon policy :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Sellers who offer a White Glove Delivery Service option.


I thought hose options were a paid for service (as in installation…), this doesn’t mention anything about that


Is a package left at customer’s mailbox considered out of that policy? it mentions porch, driveway or garage, not any mention to mailboxes where is more logical for couriers like USPS to deliver the packages if they fit.

We understand the need for Amazon to fix the problem on the deliveries but how 3erd Party Sellers can really be certain that package was left on those mentioned places?

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I think this only applies to deliveries by the merchant. Arrangements the customer has with UPS, FedEx, and USPS, for example, don’t seem to be affected by this policy.


Requiring items to be delivered to 3 specific areas does not make sense, What happens if it is a business address or home that does not have a porch driveway or garage or if those places are not a safe place to leave an item.

They need to delete this line "Sellers are required to deliver items to the customer’s porch, driveway, or garage. " the rest of the policy makes sense.


What do you mean by that? We 3rd Party Sellers do not hand delivery products, so we all ship with couriers like UPS, USPS, ect… how we can be sure that a driver on California left the package in one of those 3 places mentioned in the policy?

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ah, nothing beats it! drop of a package, crack a soda and relax on their couch for a few hours.

Honestly, the whole program creeps me out. I don’t want someone random in my house.


Wait you guys are going into people’s houses?


So some seller did an in-home delivery, and something went terribly wrong (WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED!) and now we have a new policy.


Cosmo Kramer Delivery Service


This is all wrong!
As a buyer I insist the package be delivered into my home!
It also has to be unpacked and taken care of.
If it is a lines set, I want the delivery person to spread them out on the bed.
If it is a small piece of furniture, the driver has to assemble it, and remove the old one it replaces.
Box of oatmeal cereal? I need it cooked, and in my bowl.


Maybe it is a result of someone buying something like a refrigerator (furniture) on Amazon where the customer can have delivery service bring the item into the house for a fee … common practice with those items … something goes really wrong … and poof a new Amazon policy?

Since one has to have a tracking number as proof of shipping before one gets paid, doubt that someone was self delivering personally and into someone’s house … but guess there could always be that someone who figured out another way around Amazon (like the hijackers on the listings).


mailbox is the property of USPS and should only be accessed for USPS stuff. that’s why “items must be delivered only to the customer’s porch, driveway, or garage.”


Undoubtedly true. I think I had a pair of those once …


The reason why I’m trying to get an explanation is what happens when USPS, UPS, DHL, or Fedex left a package on a place not mentioned in those 3 options? are we covered, are we at fault? it really does not mater to whom the mailbox belong actually.

That’s exactly what the policy reads up to today, so we need to get some sort of clarification on what happens when somebody who we “hire” to deliver a package across the country delivers the package in some other place not mentioned in the policy.

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