Introducing customer reviews on the Amazon Seller app




I don’t think you need to be the brand-owner to respond to an incorrect review, as the other commentor stated.

In this case, the product-review is, for example;
“The phone-case is too soft”

  • Product description: PHONE CASE IS SOFT.
    Then the re-seller or authorized distributor can respond.

Same goes for the example that he gave, about the flat black color, because yes, feedback is often inappropriately left in the product’s description.

Actually, this comment mostly applies for listings that have not been merged, meaning listings with either no multiple sellers, or few multiple sellers. Forgot about that.


But I do agree, that responding too much can look bad on a seller, but SPECIALLY if the seller is constantly arguing back with the buyer. Responds from sellers should (90% of the time, if not higher) be apologetic and understanding.


This is a GREAT question!! I’ve got varied feedback but from my experience the answer is no. My responses always appear as my personal name not my brand name which I think is ridiculous.

If Amazon cares so much about the customer they should allow us brand owners to directly respond to them so we can solve any problems brought up by there review.


100% agree.

If Amazon actually cares so much about the customer they should make it easier for us brand owners to directly communicate with the reviewers to address the issues brought up in there reviews


I believe the feedback is higher on the bay as customers are more inclined to leave feedback because ‘there is something in it for them’, i.e. feedback in return. Even though feedback for a buyer doesn’t nothing for them, it’s a psychological plus of having loads of positive feedback for them. Win for the seller, win for the customer.


This is useless. The comment link in the review was always available and is practically hidden, so nobody reads a reply. Besides the reviewer doesn’t get any notification that the brand has replied. I prefer to have the ability to identify the reviewer and have a chance to contact them. Sometimes the review doesn’t make any sense. In my case sometimes they complain something like: “size is too small” and the size is very clear in the description. Customer make a mistake and we pay the price.

Amazon should also consider the successful completed purchase without return in the internal rating system. If a costumer buys and keep the product it should count as a positive review even if the buyer doesn’t review at all.
We all know that people only take the time to review if they are very happy or very unhappy. What about who stays in the middle that is the majority?


We all know that people only take the time to review if they are very happy or very unhappy. What about who stays in the middle that is the majority?

I’d rather not get 3 stars from everybody else :joy:


When I wrote middle I mean buyers that keep the product and don’t post any review…


I totally agreed.

Those are not “consumers”, but idi*ts assuming everything they “think” they were.

Thanks to Amazon’s liberal return policy, these bunch of idits can do whatever they wanted, all in the name of freedom to express their "iditness".

Consumers do read the descriptions, Idi*ts don’t.


Who runs their business in their phone!
100% agree with you.
This is strange.


I feel this is all moot (whether only brand owners or sellers should be able to reply). Like someone else said, Amazon hides all follow ups to a review and no one ever sees the replies from the brand owner/seller. They didn’t use to do this. On top of that, they never remove reviews that are supposed to be removable or plain unrelated to the item.


Where in the app is the CUSTOMER REVIEW DASHBOARD? (Bts I am brand owner(manufacturer) and have Amazon Store open)



I had to contact Brand Registry support and they added it.


I feel like this is maybe step one in making it so that brand owners can reply to reviews and have it actually appear to other customers properly (like Yelp). Why else would you add a queue like this? Seems like step 1 of many.


Can you show me = i am a brand owner and can’t find it on the app


Is it just us or has Amazon rolled this out just in time to severely restrict what content is allowed in review comments? We’re having to edit the comment 4-5 times due to ‘guidelines’ before the bot will let us post.