Introducing customer reviews on the Amazon Seller app


There is absolutely no point in responding to product reviews… it’s utterly worthless. Amazon purposefully hides the responses. Customer gets no notification. Literally no one sees them. On the review itself it doesn’t even show that there are comments until you click the comments button.

And then on top of that, Amazon does nothing to educate customers that product reviews are NOT a form of communication about your order. I’ve seen countless examples on our products of customers leaving a product review that says E.G. “I don’t like it, how do i return?”. I’d love to be able to contact the customer and let them know, but amazon won’t let us.

That being said, I still respond to negative reviews anyway just in case… thinking about stopping because more and more it just seems like a waste of time.

So dumb…


even tho I am very descriptive of the size measurements of my gift baskets, and exactly what is in them, I get someone who say 2 stars, I thought it would be bigger, or…it had shred in the bottom (as all gift baskets do) or one who said :all the pretty cookies are on top and plain ones underneath"-as most baskets are made with most attractive on top, or the really wrong one who said only 2 cookies were decorated, when in fact 8 to 9 out of 27 cookies are decorated. So these lower ratings pull my 5 star ratings down. and I do respond politely if their remarks are incorrect


Saw this headline and thought for a moment that it was for sellers to review customers. I can think of a couple deserving of single stars. Someday maybe…


We used to be able to, years ago.

That feature (buyer ratings) was removed.


um…i didn’t found it, who found it?..


we really need this


a (re)Seller creating listings on amazon for a “brand”, that the actual brand owner (USPTO registered owner) has not created yet on amazon, and then the (re)Seller stating that they are brand registered for the said “brand”? I cannot see how that will work with the BR USPTO verification email and authentication password sent to the registered applicant on the USPTO TESS Database. Which, is not the (re)Seller. And if the registered applicant on the USPTO for the said “brand” were to provide the (re)Seller with that info? Yikes!


:flushed: No way! IMHO–and possibly Amazon’s opinion, too–resellers should not brand register a brand: only brands should do this!

@Oneida_Books mentioned that he prefers that only brand owners have the capability to respond to product reviews (which is not the current case) but asked in what scenarios should (re)Sellers have that capability, if it was to be restricted. That’s what I was answering.

Right now, literally anyone can respond to a product review–Buyers, Sellers, brands, anyone–via the website.

This announcement is just about a new feature on the App for BRs only–not even all brands.

Many brands sold on Amazon by the brand or resellers do not participate in BR.


I agree! However, you’d be surprised at what people do on here. Was just throwing it out there.

I too think Brand Registered brand owners should only be able to respond. If the brand is not on amazon and has no control over it, then no-one should be able to police (respond) to people’s reviews. Because simply it shows they do not care to take steps at protecting their image here on amazon.

Take for instance the giant, Nike. They are so huge they care less about responding to reviews.
Take another small business brand, ( ie: 123 tools) they are not so huge and care a ton about responding to reviews.
123 tools have probably zero re-sellers, where Nike probably has a lot of re-sellers.

There’s a big difference here, between who should be allowed to be able to respond and who cares to be allowed to be able to respond.


Not all brand owners want to also be Amazon sellers. So they sign up with a reseller to take care of their Amazon retail channel. Then it makes sense that the reseller would hold the brand registry.


I cannot find it either.


half the timeits customer error, nearly other half its amazons fba fault… selling stuff on prime only, customers up set, i want to rectify it. someitmes they ammend their feedback sometimes they dont but its nice to see that the seller is connected and trying to help. also i use spell check for responses :wink:


Even the very flawed ebay style of leaving only positive reviews for buyers gets many more buyers to leave reviews for sellers. That improvement alone would increase seller feedback from about 1 percent to a much higher percentage.


Is this only for the Seller App? How does a register brand see the review dashboard on a desktop?


I saw the title of the tread and I was hoping that they were bringing back the option to review customers and leave notes about them or the transaction for other sellers to see. About 8 to 10 years ago we used to be able to leave notes and see/read notes left by other sellers about buyers (usually problems, scams or issues) and was only visible to sellers (buyers did not know that notes could be or were left about them). We were able to see if customers were repeated troublemakers and scammers and if an issue existed or you had a problem you can actually call a number and speak with a real English-speaking US Amazon rep in Seattle that would and could help (ahhh… those were the glory days).


When can we post ratings for customers? Seems it should be a two way street.


Me too. Can’t see on desktop or the app. Granted we literally just became Brand Registered last night but we can upload videos and do other Brand related things.


I’m a seller enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry and can’t seem to find where the customer reviews dashboard is located (in the Seller app). Does anyone know where I can access this feature?


Great… until somebody lies in their review or feedback to sabotage the product or business. My one negative FB is a lie from a customer who actually returned the item she said she didn’t receive, using her very own personalized return label.


Many years ago anyone who commented on a review could select to receive notifications for replies. This was a very useful feature, which then of course Amazon removed.