Introducing customer reviews on the Amazon Seller app


If you're a seller enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, you can now read, sort, filter, and respond to customer reviews of your products on the free Amazon Seller app. You can also report reviews that don't conform to Amazon's policies.

The customer reviews dashboard is available in the US marketplace. In addition to sellers, the dashboard can also be used by the agent, representative, or manufacturer of a brand.

If you don't have the app, download it for Android devices at Google Play or Tencent (for sellers based in China). For Apple devices, visit the App Store.

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Great News!

Huge for brand owners. Thank you Amazon.

*would also be nice to extend to all sellers, but understandably due to listings having multiple sellers this may be complicated.


Actually, I’ve always felt that ‘sellers’ shouldn’t be responding to Reviews; as opposed to ‘brand owners’ who should.

Sellers (better put, Resellers) have no input really into the product itself; no ownership.

I’d be curious though to hear some, ‘why a seller should be able to respond to Reviews’ reasoning.


If I respond to the customer’s review, will the customer receive a notification email to read our messages?


okay you sell a product that is FLAT BLACK in color and customer gives you a 1 star rating because they wanted GLOSS BLACK you should be able to respond when they put in color not as described even though it clearly says FLAT BLACK


I actually agree for the most part.
I am a brand owner so I think this way is great.

I merely put that out there for the masses of sellers who I thought would want it.



This sounds like “Feedback” and not a “Review”, unless you are the Brand owner.


we are


unfortunately people don’t read discriptions anymore they just look at photo’s and then it is your fault when it is not the color they wanted


Then you are not those I am talking about …

… since you are the brand owner.


I have the app and brand name register owner on amazon but I dont see where I can do that? Can some one point out where to go?


Woo found it is called “customer reviews” in the main page


I was really hoping that meant we could leave feedback on customers. . . .


Reviews & feedback should go unanswered.

Any questions should be directed elsewhere…

Reviews & feedback should stand on their own merit.

What should get added is a buyers record of reviews & feedback, similar to Ebay


I thought this was already possible on the desktop, in fact, we’ve been replying to customer reviews since early 2012.

I this just news that is is now enabled within the “Amazon Seller App” (which no real “brand owner” uses anyways)?


I am in the U.S. Pretty sure I found the customer reviews dashboard on my desktop: Performance > Brand Dashboard > Customer Reviews. I see I can comment on reviews. But I don’t see how to use the dashboard to report inappropriate reviews.




Will this be extended to handmade since we do not have multiple sellers on our listings? We’re a little more than brand owners over here.


@Oneida_Books, were you replying to @Marketing4Home specifically? If yes, no worries, but if no, then this new APP feature is available only to those who are brand registered at this time:

Hmm…I know this is waaay off-topic for this thread and purely theoretical (because right now anyone can respond), but as a brand owner/manufacturer and reseller, these are my thoughts…

  • If a (re)Seller is the only brand-authorized reseller on Amazon and thus only Seller on an ASIN, then they should be able respond.

  • If the Brand isn’t on Amazon themselves, then authorized resellers should be able to respond on the Brand’s ASINs.

…but perhaps there are workarounds? :thinking: