Int'l Expedited Shipping way more expensive than buyer charged, why?


Amazon charged Canadian buyer 12.98CAD for expedited international shipping, which is 9.29USD for a 4ounce /113g item. Expedited shipping this item costs $30-40USD. How is this calculated? This is wrong, it is as if I am paying the buyer to take my product. I will have to cancel and potentially upset my buyer because of it.


If you are an individual seller, then there is a set amount that is charged to the buyer. It was never meant to be a true cost.

If you are a pro-seller, you can set the price charged to buyers.

Either way, you can turn off international.


Thank you, I do have a pro account. I searched and did discover the default shipping template and international shipping wasn’t populated. I went ahead and added it with the pricing, I hope this is what you were talking about and that it does the trick. I just wonder where those original numbers came from!


I would turn off international. Google USPS interational alerts. You’ll find a whole list of countries you cannot ship to. List seems to change every day or so.

Are you sure that you are only using the Default shipping template? You can have up to 20. The SKU in quesiton should have it marked which one it is using.