Interpreting Search Term Report for AUTO Campaign: product listing title as search term?


I’ve been selling on Amazon for a few years, but am just a small-time account. One product and only a few dozen units sold per month.

I recently noticed that the first 6 words of my product listing consistently appear, verbatim, in the Search Term Report for my AUTO campaign. Each month, that phrase is in the report – and converting! – but I don’t understand why. You might say, titles should have keywords so this just means my title is good…but that just can’t be true. Given my low volumes and general lack of brand-name recognition, the likelihood that 3-4 people per month are typing in the exact first 6 words of my listing title – in order and including both my trademarked brand name and ‘stop words’ – is very small.

I figure this must mean something – like when ASINs appear in your search term report from Product Campaign match types.

Does anybody know where these search terms come from? I don’t have affiliate links.


It means a customer reached your product page from a competitor’s webpage (the ASIN in the search term column).
This software shows the Title, photo, ASIN of all those asin (and it manages the ads too).


A_M_G thanks for your reply, but I think I wasn’t clear; I only gave the ASIN as an example of a search term that “means something”. My question was not about ASINs but about the search terms I’m seeing that are an exact duplication of my listing title. It’s not just a one-time thing, but it makes no sense that real humans would search on the text “ResQUp easy to use senior lift”, which is the exact first 6 words of my listing title.

Any ideas? Or are real human beings just really weird?


Maybe it’s a family or friend searching your product?


That’s a good suggestion, maybe that’s it. It’s just an unusual search even for someone familiar with the product/business and so it got my attention. I suppose It will just be one of life’s mysteries!