INR cases despite tracking showing delivered. How does A-Z handle these?


I’m getting a lot of emails from customers saying their items were not delivered despite the tracking showing delivered. I like to give some people the benefit of the doubt, but i think most of these buyers are just taking advantage of Amazon’s lax, buyer-centric policy.

Either way, I always use buy shipping, have no late shipments, and the items in questions have all shown delivered on time. My question is how will Amazon reimburse me with an A-Z claim? Just shipping? The entire cost of the sale?


I don’t believe they re-reimburse you in A-Z claims, they just refund the buyer, you take no loss. At least this was my experience with my first INR recently. Package disappeared in transit, still shows as not delivered. Amazon covered it, no hit to my metrics or funds (they sent me a note confirming the above).

Just stay in touch politely with your buyers (leave a good evidence trail) and advise them to file an A-Z claim.


I use this template letter. Amazon then handles it. They either refund them with their money or not. I don’t lose any money.

You are eligible to request a refund under the A-to-z Guarantee if “You have not received your package and three days have passed since the maximum estimated delivery date or the tracking shows a delivery confirmation, whichever is sooner. Note: Amazon also requires you to wait 48 hours after contacting the seller before you are eligible to request a refund.”

To request a refund on an eligible order:

Go to Your Orders 
Locate your order in the list and click Problem with order
Select “Package didn’t arrive” from the list
Select Request refund
Enter your comment in the text box.
Select Submit

Note: Refund requests can take a few days to investigate. Amazon will notify you of their decision via the email address associated with your account. To view the status of your request, locate your order in the list on the Your Orders page and select Problem with order.
To receive the maximum refund allowed you need to select “Package didn’t arrive”


This is what is SUPPOSED to happen:

Buyer files A-Z for INR, Amazon sees that you bought the label using Buy Shipping, and they refund the customer. Look at your A-Z claims and make sure it says “Amazon funded” and NOT “Seller-funded”.
You do not get any reimbursement, because you haven’t been charged anything for the A-Z.

My issue is that I have now had THREE cases of INR where I had to tell the customer to file and A-Z to get refunded. They SHOULD have all been Amazon-funded since I bought the label through Buy Shipping. But they weren’t - they took it from me instead. My appeals are ignored. Very frustrating.

Good luck!


Yes i always tell them to file an INR claim. Just for clarification, how do you “not lose” but also don’t get reimbursed?


I have one claim that was actually completed, and i was refunded. It also says “Amazon funded”. In what circumstance would it not be Amazon funded? I’m still not sure what that even means

  1. Buyer purchases item. You get money.
  2. You ship.
  3. Customer claims INR, goes A-Z
  4. Amazon reimburses from their funds*.
  5. You keep the original buyer money.

*Which were actually part of the shipping funds (would be my guess) since they take a commission off any shipping you buy through them. For example, on my 3.99 Media Mail shipping, they take .61 cents commission. I would think they set some of those funds aside to cover A-Zs.

Hope this clarifies for you!

Buyer wants replacement for a FBM sale... how do i do this?

Amazon funded means Amazon refunded the customer from their own funds, not yours. If Amazon decides it was your fault for whatever reason (for example, if you bought your shipping label somewhere other than from Amazon), then it would be taken from your funds (seller-funded).

What exactly were you refunded for?


Maybe i’m just not using the correct word, but i was covered is all i meant. I didn’t lose any money.


Over the past few months I have had a fair number of these and I am never sure whether they are legit or not. I have had the USPS drop off mail in the wrong mailbox a number of times. Perhaps tracking numbers decrease this from happening I am not sure. I hear there is a way to know for sure because the scanner they use gives the address coordinates by GPS so they can be sure it was delivered to the correct address. Then there is the possibility someone is stealing packages after they were delivered to the correct address. Its hard to know for sure.


I guess… anything said about it would just be conjecture. It just seems to be happening a lot. Few customers follow through with the claim, and many are way more angry than they should be. It’s a strange coincidence that most of the customers that have missing packages also are really aggressive about getting their money back and/or don’t follow through with the INR claim. It’s just part of the game i suppose.