Incorrect quantity received by FBA, how to reconcile?


Hi everyone, I know this has been asked on here, but I could not find any useful answer, hopefully someone can help me.

I am dealing with incorrect quantity while sending items to FBA. They’re boxes of mixed SKUs. I have a few shipments where I sent 55 and it shows as received 110, where each SKU is doubled. In one of the last shipments, I sent 7 items of same SKU among other things, and they received 43.
How is this even possible?

It’s clearly a mistake on their part, scanning items twice, but Seller support sends me generic responses asking to wait until the shipment is closed.

Did anyone deal with this? What is a good way of reconciling here? The problem is that it’s blocking my available inventory counts and, I assume, I could be paying for the storage as well.


Look at your reports and see what it says.


Hello from Amazon @igoryane

Please check out our help video Submit a reconciliation request for an FBA shipment to learn more about the reconciliation process and how to submit information with the best chance for success.

I will note that the info you received from Seller Support is correct: sellers can only submit reconciliation requests for closed shipments. If you are still having issues submitting requests when those shipments are closed, please follow up with me here.