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The images of my product are not my own (they are the same variety of product, but a different brand) and I don’t know how to change them.

There are two sizes for the product, categorized as two children under the parent listing. On the product page (the one customers see) none of the photos for the small variation are ones I’ve uploaded, and they all feature incorrect branding

When I go in to edit the listing:

  • the parent SKU has a main image that is a similar product, but a different brand (talking about the image located at the top of the page next to ASIN/Product name/etc.)
  • the small variation child: when I click on the ‘edit’ link all the images are the ones I’ve uploaded.

There’s no way for me to create a case log as far as I can see, and I want to revert the images to the ones of my product with my brand name on them.

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If you don’t have the listing control, the only way how to make Amazon accept your changes is to open a case with the Seller Support under “Products and Inventory” - “Product page issue” and “Fix a product page”.

You will be asked to provide some proof supporting your desired updates, such as a link to the manufacturer’s website.


I don’t know how to find that page, is there a url you can share?


They are doing that to one of my items too. The correct image is in “main image” box, how ever on the detail page its a similar item from a peddler on the other site that is selling a “similar” item.

In my opinion its just another attack on my account to throttle my sales back. Since the image is not ours I cannot use it on our detail page since it is obviously violating the IP rights of whomever owns that image.

As a result that item is at zero inventory, plus the fact the external geometry is similar and the variation between both items is clearly depicted.

The image that amazon placed on the detail page we created shows this is not a “random glitch” if the image was totally unrelated it would be more convincing that it was a mistake.

In my opinion they are setting me up for an IP violation with that wrong image or item does not match the description violation.

That is the only possible because, I have detail page control and amazon is not allowing me to update to the correct image. And the correct image is shown in “main” on the image page.

Plus the other clear fact that the competitive items on this site are considerably higher priced and sold SFP indicates more reason for the item to be attacked.

Good example of how to take out a lower priced and FBM products.


Somebody did it to mine too! I came here to see if I can find a solution when I saw your thread. I also set mine to 0 in stock because I don’t want to sell something that I don’t have. I make my own in my house and I have a patent and a trademark, it has all the information correct just the picture is someone elses. I am going to keep reading to see how I can fix this.


Common between our accounts.

Mine has been like that for months.


I don’t get it, that item was not selling very good and I only have 2 reviews on it (5 stars) but still, in my opinion it was an insignificant item for someone to do this. Do you know who’s doint it? by that I mean is it Amazon or a competitor? If it is a competitor, how did they do that? How did he/she changed my picture? And why can’t I delete the picture? I’m fine with deleting the listing all together since it was a slow moving item but I need to learn how to prevent this attacks in the future. The only way I found out about this is because I sold one, now I have to figure out if they bought the original one or they think they bought the fake picture/item :frowning:


No I do not.

Its amazons platform and if they are facilitating that activity they are complicit.

What is going on can only be controlled by some one internal to amazon…

Out of all of the detail pages why is that listing singled out and cannot update the image?

In our case it was a good seller compared to others doing SFP and Prime.


Bing this:Taobao Seller Sabotages Competition, Receives Jail Sentence , its a good read regarding how sellers are attacking others. Its only a drop of water in the ocean.


Thanks, I’ll read it when I have time :frowning:


Also I noticed that by doing that, changing the main picture it took my Buy Box away, it says there’s oher sellers for this item. But when I click on it it dosen’t show anyone selling it. :frowning:


That is how the detail page looks when you don’t have the buy box.

Seller central>> inventory>> manage inventory then expose the “buy box eligible” filter and see what it says.


It just has a line through it -


Does the quantity have a non zero value and show active status?


No it shows inactive because I changed to 0 instock


I was just looking at another listing in that family of products and the MSRP is lower than our price. Might check your pricing too.

Cannot point fingers on that at the moment but I will speak with those here and make sure that is not getting changed.


I had something sort of similar, in that I scanned a UPC code, did not look to close at the matching item, then sold it a few weeks later, wrong color on the listing. I wrote the buyer and told them how the mistake happened, and though my item matches the listing UPC, it was my fault in the end for not noticing the difference, as I am responsible for the items I sell to match the listing.

They ordered a black coat, I sent them a gray one. They must of liked the gray one as they never opened a return.

There are other items that have wrong titles, similar images, I had mine listed under them anyways for a while, but decided to 0 them out. I have a more expensive item than the listing. I tried to correct the listing but they ignored my corrections.


I’ve tried contacting Amazon through the form and they change the images, but within 24-48 hours they revert back to the set of incorrect images. I’m so frustrated.

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