Incorrect Oversize/Standard Size Classification - Delivery Metrics


We offer Refurbished Computers on Amazon. Desktop Computers come is various sizes Towers, Desktops, SFF, etc… All Tower computers are OVERSIZE since box length required to fit a Tower casing for shipping has to be larger than 18 inches and Towers weight around 20-24lbs. However a lot of the Tower ASINs are rated as STANDARD Size. We have requested corrections via the “item details page” on multiple Tower ASINs however no success.

The size classification is determining factor in the new “Delivery Speed Metrics” - wherein all STANDARD size items needs to be offered for nationwide delivery for SFP. Thus, Tower casings rated as STANDARD size have to be offered Nationwide Prime to meet the new “Delivery Speed Metrics”.

The same issue is being encountered on multiple Desktop/SFF casings - which are OVERSIZE however they have been rated as STANDARD by Amazon.

Any ideas on how to get Amazon to correct them in bulk via spreadsheet.


Have you tried uploading the correct shipping sizes and weights for the products?


Yes I have uploaded the weight and dims in Item details page under “more details tab”. Refer screen shot below