Incorrect order count



In my Seller Center I can see there is 16 “Seller Fulfilled Unshipped” orders, while, in reality, there is only 4.

I can see this count at the top where all metrics are. Actual order page shows 4 orders. I also only received 4 order e-mails and, yes, I did check all marketplaces.

Something is not right. Did anyone see anything like that?

Thank you,

Showing 12 open order but when i open the order manager just 4

My first thought is, are any of the orders for multiple items? One order, but quantity 4 sold?


Increase the date range on your unshipped orders.


Date range could definitely be the issue too.


No multiple items.

We send orders daily, so there is normally 1-2 days backlog only. I did try to increase range to 365 days – same.



We are seeing the same, its exactly 4 x the actual


Seller Support confirmed technical glitch.



Oh well, there goes my new years bonus!


I am having the same problem. I think there is a technical problem. I hope when the problem is solved, all open order will appear as sales.


Hi Rudolf, is there a link where we can read their confirmation? best regards.


No link. I opened a case and they replied.