Incorrect Dimension Override During Receiving


I hope this isn’t one of those daily questions. :slight_smile:

Amazon FBA incorrectly changed dimensions on approximately 30 SKU’s (totaling approximately 150 individual products) to nearly 500x the actual dims on most products.

I noticed this after a handful of orders shipped, and I’m being charged $22 pick and pack, instead of the normal $3.

I opened a case and was told that I need to have all products returned, take pictures showing weight and dimensions, just to continue. This is going to probably take 2+ weeks.

I have a few in-depth questions, that only you guys would know…

  1. Am I being charge a daily rate for storage on this? These products have been stocked for approximately 1 week now. This is going to charge me a mammoth amount of money if this is the case.

  2. Do I really need to pull all of that inventory back to me?

  3. Have you guys had success with having over-charged pick-and-ship fees and storage fees refunded?

  4. If I do return, are they going to charge me crazy oversize fees on the returns? I think they’re going to ship it in a single box and charge me for an entire truckload. Haha. I never paid for an oversized return before.

I figure that it’s a simple mistake during receiving. The frustrating part is that they can’t simply pull the product and weight/dim it themselves? Or they can’t simply look at a “history” showing the dimensional changes? It’s 30 SKU’s. To pick and verify all products is probably 30-40 total minutes labor.

This is going to turn into a month-long project if I need to have everything returned, pictured, wait for changes, and then re-ship it all.


Try this thread, I wish I had more specific answers for you, but with the scale of the mistake I don’t want to lead you astray. I outlined the internal policy I have created in order to maximize our legal recourse, should it ever get to that point. I’ve only had it happen to a SKU here or there, never 30 at one time. I really hope you get some answers before you have to recall your items. (Which I would only do as a last resort)


Thanks. The case was responded to. They asked for manufacturer’s links to each product - which I supplied a minute ago. I don’t quite understand what that helps. But I figure I’ll do what they say and hopefully it turns out okay.

I picture that a newbie with a PDA didn’t know what they were doing and accidently scanned in these products incorrectly.

Another annoyance is that Amazon had already shipped a few of the products. I assume they didn’t take one item (which is approximately 1.5 x 1.5 x .5 inches) and pack it in a 24 x 18 x 16 box (which is where they dim’d all 30 SKU’s).

Anyways, they seem to be working with me (though the mfg link request in confusing). Hoping it all gets solved.


And, for everyone’s information, this is our first real problem with FBA. Normally things go smooth.


I’m glad you got it sorted.


Well it’s not over yet. I hope this doesn’t turn into one of those long open cases. Fingers crossed.

I’d recommend people audit their products. It’s pretty easy. Just go to Reports > Fulfillment > Fee Preview. Sort your pick and pack fees smallest to largest. And then looks for anything that looks out of place. You can also sort my an individual dim, or the length/girth calculation. If anything looks way out of line, then you have a problem.

I had a $200 product with the same problem. Had I not had a $10 product with this problem (leaving me at around -$20 for the transaction), I may have never noticed.

Fingers crossed that this gets resolved.


I am surprised you are going through all this trouble…I had the same problem once, I opened a case and it was sent to FBA to investigate (aka re-measure/re-weight) and couple of days later it was changed to the correct measurements…
I guess I got very fortunate and got a seller support person that knew the correct pathways to resolve this seemingly simple mistake.


It’s not fixed yet (it’s been a day now since I responded back). But that’s promising to hear.

The scary part is that they’re currently charging me $19 extra each time these products ship … and they are shipping. And I’m also getting charged for nearly 1000 cu/ft, when it should be probably 2-3 cu/ft. Though I assume I’ll be able to get them to fix up the accounting after this is sorted out. :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell, someone there took entered the “box size” as it came on the conveyor, and then applied that box size to everything that was packaged inside of the box. Because it’s likely that the case box was 24 x 18 x 16 (which is where all of these tiny items are currently dimmed). That is a size we use. I imagine a new employee using their monitor or PDA incorrectly. I hope they didn’t do this with everything received during their shift. That could amount to millions of wrongfully measured cubic feet. Yikes.

Anyways, I’m happy with how it’s being handled so far. I hope it all gets patched up in the next day or two, and I can request adjustments/refunds. I will also be auditing my monthly storage bill when it comes in. I want to make sure I wasn’t charged for an extra 1000 cu/ft for the week or two that these products have been stocked.


Dealt with this many times

  1. Open a separate case and ask for ASIN xxx to be re-scanned for dimensions and weight. Do not mention anything about incorrect fees, you want them focused on the one task, re-scanning.(Will probably take 2-4 business days.)

  2. Once you have have dimensions/weight corrected, you need to find the first order with the fees based on the incorrect dimensions and the last order with the wrong fees.

  3. I create an excel file with columns for all order IDs, Order Total, Incorrect Fees Charged, correct fees that should have been charged and the amount ot be re-imbursed for the order. include a Total cell for the reimbursement amount.

  4. Open a new case laying out facts. “As of xx/xx date we started being charged the wrong fees. We were charged fees for xxx size/weight item, not the correct size/weight. The correct fees should have been $x.xx. Attached is file of all relevant orders. We are requesting a reimbursement of $xxx dollars.”

  5. As long as all your info is lined up you should be okay, but if the reimbursement is a large amount it will take a while for the reimbursement to get set up and get all the approvals needed.


Well I’m down from 24 to 8 SKU’s remaining. Not too bad.

Best thing we learned was how to quickly look for dimension errors. You don’t need to mess with a spreadsheet. Just go Inventory > FBA Inventory > sort by cubic volume. Take a look and see if anything looks out of place.

Thanks for the note about opening another case to get a refund on the overcharged fees. Looking forward to getting some refunds, and I’ll have to address storage to make sure I’m not overcharged when storage comes through in 3 weeks. If they calculate the fee daily, we might still be overcharged a few hundred dollars. Plus those 8 SKU’s are still lingering.


I’ve had this happen numerous times, and it’s frustrating. A good portion of the time, they come back with the exact same measurements and say there’s nothing wrong with it. The first time that happened, I did a removal request so I could check it myself. Their measurements were wrong. Mine were right. And it was still wrong when I sent the item back. Several weeks of unavailability, removal fees, shipping charges, and wasted time.

I had this happen again about a month ago with about 50 items. I submitted them for Cubiscans and have gone back and forth with support about a dozen times. They’re down to about 10 left now.

One troubling thing is that now they’re saying that after you request a Cubiscan once, you can’t request another one. If they would get it right the first time, we wouldn’t need to request it over and over.


So we still have 14 SKU’s. I found that the previous case had been closed - where-as I thought they still had it in queue to fix.

I’m hoping it gets solved in the next few days. If not, it’s going to add a few hundred dollars to our monthly storage bill.

Also, I think I spotted the culprit… It’s not Amazon. There are other users typing incorrect dimensions into their generated listings. So when we piggy-back on their listing, it’s accepting the incorrect dimensions. They’re self-fulfilled - so they don’t care. So now we’ve added an extra step to our process. After cataloging new products, we go to FBA Inventory and sort by cu/ft. Anything that looks out of place, we take the proper pictures, and will contact Amazon to update per our dimensions.

fingers crossed this gets fixed before the month’s storage is charged.

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