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Long story short, I got my first “Inaccurate item quantity in box” strike 6 months ago, it’s my fault, I didn’t double check the amount I input, I’ve fixed the issue and it won’t happen again.
Now I may get another strike for “Inaccurate item quantity in box”. I strongly feel this is my supplier’s fault and won’t be working with them again because of this.

How it basically happened: I made an order, and my supplier confirmed that their warehouse stated that all units are accounted for, boxed and are ready to be shipped. They give me the box dimensions, weight and count. All looks good. So I pay for the FBA shipping labels and send to them.

After a couple days, they come back to me stating that “Actually, there’s 1 unit missing” By this point, I cannot cancel the shipping plan, because it is already shipped! I’m about to contact my supplier and ask how this happened? They gave me the dimensions and everything, I assumed they had pulled all the units from their warehouse shelves and input everything into the box already.

Is this small error going to get me suspended??? To be honest I’m worried. I already called some of my suppliers to see how their shipping process works to make sure this does not happen again. I’m waiting to call this supplier after I confirm a few things.

Does anyone here have experience with getting multiple “Inaccurate box count” strikes? This is my second strike and I’m looking through the forums and I’m already preparing myself for a worse-case-scenario. Are these strikes permanent? Or is there a metric where as long as I keep it within a certain %, then I’m fine. (Just like how Late Shipment Rate Target is under 4%) Mistakes are bound happen, (and I’ll be sure this one won’t happen again) which is why they give % targets right?

Would they suspend me even if this is a rare event? (but happened twice) Would it help if this strike happened in less than 1% of my shipments? Would they even look at my other seller metrics which are all good?

Any and all advice is appreciate, thanks guys.


Do you have a record of this strike anywhere?

A while back I contacted seller support to document the fact that we had put fewer units than indicated while the box was in transit. They basically told me not to worry, that after it had been checked in there would be an “exception report” under “FBA Shipments” that I would need to acknowledge, or request escalation. So I did just that, without seeing any performance notifications.

On a subsequent shipment the count was off from what we know we sent in, and we used the same exception report to request an investigation that was resolved successfully.

I have not seen any strikes on our account as a result of either shipment.


Yes, it states it in my Inbound Performance Summary (

I currently have 1 “Inaccurate item quantity in box”

I was also told not to worry about having 1 unit missing, but to not let this happen again. And I’m about to receive another strike, so I posted here to get some insights.


Thanks for the link. We currently have 2 in our account. I agree that they are definitely not a good thing, and that there is a threat of a fee for future instances as well as the possibility of having FBA shipments suspended.

We made a few changes to our packing and shipping procedure as a result of the mistakes we made. In your case you are relying on a 3rd party to prep your shipments so it’s hard to say whether they will be as accountable. I know that when we order from some of our suppliers it’s not unusual for the count to be a little off, like maybe something was damaged during packing and so didn’t make it into the box.

I wouldn’t be too worried with your two strikes. I would be more worried about trying to make sure future strikes don’t happen. Having your supplier ship to you rather than to FBA may be the most certain way to ensure that the counts are right. Or maybe you just send them the shipping labels after they have actually packed each box and so give you the real count.


we may suspend your ability to send additional shipments of affected products until you resolve the issues.

That’s what may happen for Inbound performance alerts.

There is a solution you might want to try to avoid “Inaccurate item quantity in box” without hurting your performance by paying $0.1 or $0.15 per unit Manual Processing Fee to have Amazon count it for you, it worths sometimes.:


The warehouse miscounts my shipments now and again, one less or more than I sent. I used to open a case, but stopped as it seems NOP to just adjust the inventory. They usually do an inventory adjustment at some point. I have made a mistake or two in the past. Right now My IPI is going down due to low sellthrough b/c my sales tanked in November, after I sent in the holiday volume. :frowning:

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