Inbound Performance Alert


I need help from some long time FBA ers as I am one as well and feel completely frustrated with all the new Amazon mandates.
I received the above email which is different than the inbound shipment problem alert and new to me.
Went to the “problem” - I made a shipping plan including the 2 units in question, FBA received the 2 units in question and checked the 2 units in on my shipping contents tab and under reconcile, there are no “problems”, yet I received this email.
Question is - if I am reading it right, if I acknowledge, I can send more units, which I need to or if I dispute, which I should because AMZ is wrong, then do I have to wait to send more units in for them to figure this out?
Can’t really afford to wait since it is XMAS and we are supposed to have all our inventory in by Nov 6…
Help - do I open a separate case with SS (I know…) or what?
TIA for any info


yet I received this email.

You keep mentioning this email but you don’t show it to us.

Let me just guess it: They miscount two units? That’s fine. After a date appears in RECONCILE tab you can have it reconciled.


Perhaps in my frustration, I was unclear as to my question. I understand how to reconcile - and when I go to that tab, it says “Your shipment has been received in full to your inventory, and no discrepancies have been noted”
The email is below that I received -

Greetings from Amazon Services,

We are writing to inform you that we have temporarily blocked your ability to send ASIN to Amazon fulfillment centers due to multiple problems that we found with your product during the inbound process. As part of the Inbound Performance Feedback program, you will not be able to send this ASIN to FBA until you acknowledge the problem.

NOTE: Acknowledging problem ASINs before you can add them to a shipment is a new requirement. This is designed to expedite the receipt of your inventory at the fulfillment center by giving you visibility into ASINs with a history of inbound problems.

The most recent problem, Unexpected items found in box, was discovered in your shipment FBA…

To reinstate your ability to send this ASIN to Amazon fulfillment centers, you will need to review the information and acknowledge the problem in your seller account:

So the question is - if there is no problem in any of the shipping processes as recognized by the shipping queue tabs (all 3 of them), why did I receive this and how do I proceed? Acknowledge fault, though there is none so I can send more? Or dispute, and hold up my ability to send more during this crucial season… or open up a separate case with SS?

Thanks for the help!


Is anyone familiar with this latest “new” issue to me anyway as I have never received this email as referenced in my last post before and if so, what did you do about it? Had no idea there was an Inbound Performance Feedback program!



One more try - anyone familiar with this and have any advice? Again, it is not the usual shipment problem email but a new one for me…

Thanks in advance


Maybe your box contents information was incorrect and the items were in the wrong box?



Normally the issues we have with that is from Amazon cross receiving shipments. They receive multiple shipments in at once and seem to lose track of the ‘shipping plans’. I normally ask them to investigate the’problem’ and it is resolved. I do check the shipments as they are received for potential issues/problems because some of this is time sensitive. Not sure if that helps your current situation or not.