Inbound FBA shipment lost in transit by UPS?


Package was dropped off on 7/22 at a UPS in Georgia to be delivered to CLT2 in Charlotte, NC.

Package has been stuck in Raleigh, NC since 7/26. Usually shipments will be delivered in 1-2 days.

I’ve done a handful of searches on this but none have provided a clear answer about how to go about resolving this.

I can’t reconcile the shipment since it hasn’t been delivered and I can’t file a claim with UPS since shipping was purchased through Amazon.

How long am I supposed to wait before contacting Seller Support to request reimbursement? The items in the missing package retail for over $5k.


Most fulfillment centers are extremely backed up. UPS could be waiting for Amazon to let them deliver the shipment.


That does sound reasonable. However, we shipped out another package when we realized the first one wasn’t going to make it on time. That one was delivered the next day.


We are having the same issue even though more current shipments are showing as delivered. Another shipment that we sent out nearly a month ago has been sitting delivered for 3 weeks with no activity for check in or anything. Meanwhile the listings are without inventory so customers can’t buy anyway. Hopefully they clear up some of these inbound shipments soon. The bills arrive without Covid-19 delays and manufacturers expect payment. We may need to sell our items elsewhere to make sure the inventory turns over. Should I blow the dust off of eBay and start selling there again? Perhaps we will get lucky this week and see movement.


Just wait til you have to send an FBA Shipment to HOU3 or SAV3. HOU3 will always REFUSE, and label states MOVED??? A few others are just, RETURN TO SENDER, NO STREET DELIVERY. SAV3 plays a selective game where they accept one or two, then REFUSE two. Stating REFUSED, RETURN TO SENDER. Opened several cases, & AMZ is NO Help. This has been going on since August 2019! They answered a few times with excuses. I always have had screenshots to shoot their answers down in a heart beat. Now they just don’t answer after an update. We are still working on it. I went back today and wrote on 3 open cases today, that AMZ lasts response to us was over 1 Month ago at the earliest. Sounds like they are blowing us off! Anybody else having issues with HOU3 & SAV3?


Im in the same boat as well. I have 3 shipments that were recvd in raleigh late july and have been sitting still ever since. Their destination is CLT2. I have one package prior to these that has been “delivered” and still waiting to check in since mid July. I have no clue what is going on there.


I have 3 FBA inbound shipments that are stuck at various UPS locations. The shipments have no reconciliation date. Amazon seller support says the shipment will not have a reconciliation date until they were delivered to Amazon. I tried filing a lost package investigation with UPS but they canceled it and said that only Amazon can initiate a lost package investigation since they are considered both the shipper and the recipient. It seems there is no way out of this black hole since neither UPS nor Amazon will give me an answer.


How’d this work out for you? Did the shipment eventually arrive? If not, did you get reimbursed for the shipment via Amazon?


I also have a shipment that has been stuck at Raleigh, NC. The shipment is also going to CLT2. I wonder if they are holding shipments to the FC open up. Does anyone else have the same issues?


Shipment was eventually delivered and checked in.