Inactive Listing (Toys & Games) ISSUE


Amazon Asking me about some information about my new Product (toys&games) to verify the listing.
I sent exactlly the requested information which are:
**- Live Photo, rather than computer-generated images. **
**- Clearly display all sides of the product or its packaging. **
- include model number, product name, or both.
**- at least 1 Purchase INVOICE for products Manufacturer or distributor. **
- dated after May 11, 2019 (within 180 Days).
**-include my name and address of the manufacturer or distributor **
- showing the combined purchase of at least 10 units.

otherwise, they don’t accept my provided info.
**Here is the last email I had become: **

We’ve reviewed the information you provided and determined that it does not meet our requirements. To allow us to continue processing your application, please address the following issues:
Please respond to this case by providing documents that remedy the issues described above. Please ensure that the Invoice you submit meets the following requirements, as applicable:

• Invoices must be dated within the last 180 days or reflect the delivery or purchase of products within the last 180 days.
• All documents must be valid and unexpired.
• All documents must be clear and legible. No information other than pricing may be redacted.
• Show the combined purchase of at least 10 units of the applicable ASIN/Brand/category
• All documents must include your name and address, as listed within your selling account.
• All documents must include the issuer’s name and contact information (e.g. address)


Image of product label or packaging :

Document must meet the following requirements:

• Include business or manufacturer name and address
• Include product, trademark or model number
• Must include all sides of the packaging
• Include a live photo of the product you are trying to sell, rather than a computer generated version


In order to give you time to address the issues stated above, I will leave this case open for the next 14 days.

Please note that this case will close if we do not hear from you during this window

Thank you for selling with Amazon,

Please Help me to solve the issue.