Inactive listing due to wrong pesticides & condition requirements


Today our ASIN B07G9LRFWK became inactive because Amazon’s AI incorrectly classified our product as a pesticide.

Any attempt to edit the listing created a rejection that pesticide approvals are needed.

There are also two other rejections saying the condition does not allow refurbished or used items even though the listing is NEW.

I opened a ticked with Amazon customer care and they said they escalated the issue. Time is of the essence to get this fixed, posting here just in case other sellers know a quicker solution.


Forum reading suggests that the quickest solution if you’re a US seller is to just take the darn pesticide test and get qualified to list whatever gets bot-flagged as a pesticide.

That option is unavailable to international sellers.


Thanks for the help.

I took the pesticide tests and passed. Now the issue is the inventory shows up as stranded inventory and stranded reason says “Qualification required (category)”.

We were already approved for our category over a year ago with this listing.

I can edit listing, trying to pick a new category doesn’t work either.

any advice?


It’s fixed now, maybe it just needed more time :+1: