In the event your customers ask about refunds or canceled orders


Heads Up!

Amazon is now withholding FBA refunds up to 14 days after the item is returned.

Additionally, orders that are canceled, prior to shipment, FBA or FBM, will stay pending on the buyers card for 21 days.

Imagine the amount of interest Amazon may stand to accumulate.

Stay safe, stay calm, stay home!


Gotta make up for lost revenue somehow…


Did you miss this? Me thinks not!

Stay safe, my friend!!! :sunflower:


I had not seen it before now - thank you! I agree that this initiative is likely to give Amazon a black eye if the initial contribution ($25 million seems rather paltry to me) isn’t significantly raised over time…

Best Wishes to you and yours as well, my friend - Stay Safe,Strong, Hale, and Hearty!


Things are changing in the B&M retail world right now, too.

  • Buying limits
  • No returns for essential items
  • No rainchecks on sales/store coupons if items are not in stock.

Not exactly the same, but still these are policies that have not been seen for decades in the big box world. It’s been a hay-day for the spoiled consumer in the USA.
Not no mo.


what lost revenue? lol

amazon is cleaning house. with most stores closed people have no choice but to shop online.


That’s certainly a fair point, to be sure, but the loss of FBA fees as a result of the supply chain disruption caused by the Temporarily prioritizing products coming into our fulfillment centers (link, Seller Help Content) Initiative, and the losses that will result from yesterday’s announcement of the COVID-19: Removal order delays and long-term storage fee waiver (link, SHC) - while relatively-speaking a mere drop in the bucket - will most-assuredly have a negative impact on the revenue projections for the first 2Q of this year.

Factor in:

  • the paid leave extended to employees who choose to stay home
  • the $25 million initial contribution to the Amazon Relief Fund (link) (almost-certainly to be increased, methinks)
  • the already-evident impact on sales numbers/market share being lost to rivals as a result of the stark increase in Prime EDD (“Estimated Delivery Date”) windows
  • the need to reserve funds to prevent legal exposure that might well thereby (or otherwise) result*
  • the fact that the supply chain disruption could easily entail permanent loss of revenue streams formerly provided by FBA participants who shift gears to prevent uncertainty

and more, it does not seem to me unreasonable to presume that the extension of Refund/Cancellation fund-processing times - not to mention the stark increase in Pending Order times so-widely being reported - actually is being undertaken, in large part, to counteract decreased revenue streams.


See our friend @LucasP’s astute observation on that score in the 032320 post Amazon has sidelined fulfilling FBA products, won't deliver for a month to Prime customers


I am going out to work every day in Brooklyn NY. I manage the production of a mid size commercial bakery in my daytime job. It is an essential job. Folks need bread and cake too.

It is scary. Some of our employees were sent home because they have fever.
We do everything we can. All door handles, bathrooms, faucets, etc. are sanitized at lease once every hour. We all wear face masks. We have a big stock of disposable gloves because we used them even before the outbreak. But this virus is highly contagious.
Stay healthy everyone.
This too shall pass!


What About FBM?
Is the system still auto-refunding in 48 hours of it being marked received back?


I believe that’s been reduced to 24 seconds.


Very refreshing to see a post with some reality in it instead of the usual, “Amazon is evil and putting us out of business all while raking in record profits”.

Is my business suffering right now. Absolutely. Is it Amazon’s fault. I don’t think so. At this point in time every business needs to evaluate what they can and can’t do in order to survive or in some cases benefit the global community.


This is interesting. On a side note - we received our last dispersal instantly. Like the second amazon notified of the payout it was immediately posted in our bank account. Anybody else notice this?


If they would fill the 11,000 pending orders they have for us, they would make up for some of it.




I think this blunder on Amazon’s part will benefit the cc more than Amazon since the money is merely blocked on the buyer’s open credit. The transaction doesn’t actually complete until shipment.

But, I agree that it will hurt the buyers and that the buyers will howl!

I, personally, have ~$2,200 in pending purchases @ Quill. About half have been cancelled as “item unavailable” and the others just seem to be merely “stuck”. It hasn’t been quite 14 days yet but pushing 10 since the cancellation notices. With all the other financial pressures, “pending-holds” can get ugly fast.

Amazon should be better than this.


Thats why I do merchant fulfill not fba. It is easier and I can keep track better.


Bakeries are not essential in an emergency or everyday life. Stay home.


It’s a commercial bakery not a mom and pop cake shop. It is absolutely essential that food production continues. SMH


You might realize that people eat bread, to not die.


It is often difficult to do merchant fulfilled when it comes to the volume that one needs push in order to generate the revenue (and profit) that is needed to maintain even a regular wage.

This is an old story, but I remember before I got into FBA, I was doing all merchant fulfilled. During late Q4, on a Monday, I remember phoning one of my friends. I was in TEARS!

I told him, “Hey, Man. I have 100 orders I need to fill by 5 o clock today. Could you PLEASE come over and help me!”

Depending on the item, if you average about 5 minutes per order (between printing, protecting, and other self-prepping) you’re talking 500 minutes of straight work for 100 orders. Some shipments can take longer if they involve a larger item that you need to box.

In these troubled and crazy times, I’ve had to go back to merchant fulfilled. I am also warehousing inventory in private storage until Amazon lifts the (hopefully) April 5th shipment hold.

I know that there are times we take a competitive and adversarial approach to our Amazon business.
And in these troubled and crazy times. I wish other sellers well. May we weather the storm and come out to build our businesses again at the end of this.