Improved distribution of your products at no additional cost


You can now benefit from Box-Level Inventory Placement when using the Amazon Partnered Carrier program.

Box-level placement improves the distribution of your products across Amazon’s fulfillment network at no additional cost to you. For eligible inventory, we’ll separate your shipment into multiple box groups, allowing your products to reach our fulfillment centers faster.

Other benefits

  • Faster fulfillment, since your products will be moved closer to your customers
  • No changes to your shipment fees or current logistics
  • Full visibility into the shipment status for each of your box groups

Next steps

  • No action is required from you. Once you select a partnered carrier as part of your shipping plan, we’ll let you know if your shipment qualifies for box-level placement.
  • We’ll contact your partnered carrier directly to process the shipment.

For more information, go to Box-Level Inventory Placement.

Announcement on shipping to different warehouses

I read this and the more information link. Can somebody please explain what the heck any of this means.


I think it is a change to fulfillment center receiving with a supposed layer of transparency


I have no idea what was said here either.


In the past it would cost more to send 10 boxes to 5 different FCs, and would be considered 5 shipments.

Now I can pay the 10 boxes to 1 FC cheaper price (considered 1 shipment) but they will have different labels/addresses and go to the 5 FCs instead of the 1 and having to go through Amazon Tranfer.


It sounds like a good thing, but I must not be getting it if I think that. this is amazon so I’m waiting for the catch


Well thats awesome if thats the case. I will check that out now!


I love this, my shipments began splitting into different FCs at the beginning of November, and it’s great!


was this automatic? this has never happened for me and i don’t understand why


OMG…what could possibly go wrong?? Pass me the sarcasm button.


I hope this improves check-in times. Probably too late for this year. Could’ve used this with the thousands of units in transfer right now.


in theory it would, but none of my shipments take advantage of this program, so its just like amazon telling me they doubled their storage space, and yet my restock limits got cut in half year over year…


The big question is: What fulfillment center will they use to calculate the cost of the entire shipment?


this is unbelievable… i just got off the phone with Amazon… Apparently my product is not eligible for this program. My product is a card game, literally just paper / card board.



If I understand this correctly, everything will be the same except that when you print shipping labels the shipping labels will go to multiple fulfillment centers (if the shipment qualifies).


This is complete BS! The “SEND TO AMAZON” has been taking a MONTH to get inventory to warehouses and LOOSING ALL KINDS OF INVENTORY!


" your customers " interesting way to describe amazons customers


no button necessary.
It’s rampant here.


that’s just happening now?
You must be new around here


A video of how this works would be nice because the article and the help page are very nebulous.