Improve your apparel images to connect with your customers


Our internal studies show that customers not only prefer to see apparel products displayed on a person, but they also prefer to see a diverse range of models.

Highlighting clothing on models with different body types, skin tones, ethnicities, hair colors and textures, physical abilities, gender expressions, and ages is an effective way to connect with customers and improve their shopping experience.

To give customers the best possible experience, you may see your off-figure images for adult apparel replaced with on-figure equivalents. We suggest that you use on-figure images for your Main images to support this experience.

How to improve your apparel images

Our Fashion Apparel Imaging Guidelines will help give you tips on how to best feature your products, and how to use individual models to enhance your brand voice. The guide is a complete reference on how images are used across the store, best practices, and technical requirements.

The Amazon Imaging Services program offers professional photography for eligible products, including on-model imagery. For more information, send us your email address on the Imaging Coordinator page.


Just so I can take new photos based on the Amazon suggestions: What is a gender expression?

Also, to showcase permutations of 3 skin tones, 3 ethnicities, 3 hair colors, 3 textures, 3 physical abilities, 3 age ranges, 3 gender “expressions” would require 343 photos. Did Amazon increase its picture limit?


I think they’re talking about people who identify as non-binary, ambiguous or transexual aka They/Them


Thank you for the clarification!


Are we required to re-name and re-upload all existing Apparel product images?

Do you have a date for when these new policies will be enforced - or are these policy changes effective immediately?


same question


I read this more as a “suggestion/recommendation”, not as a mandatory thing. Am I wrong?


This really needs a lot of clarification from Amazon.

The announcement above says:
"We suggest that you use on-figure images for your Main images "

Page 12 of the link to Fashion Apparel Imaging Guidelines pdf referenced in the Announcement says:
“All adult apparel should be imaged on-model.”

Amazon even specifically distinguishes “should” from “must” in bold.

However, the Product Image Requirements in Seller Central states:
" * MAIN images for Women’s and Men’s clothing must show the product on a human model."
Here, they use the word MUST…not “should” or “suggested.”

This is confusing, and I cannot get anyone at Amazon to clarify this.
“Should” is a suggestion, as confirmed by the announcement above: “We suggest…”

However, “Must” is a requirement.

Amazon is using two different statements in their guidelines for adult clothing on live models…two places it is a suggestion with “should,” and one place it is a requirement with “must.”

Can someone at Amazon please clarify?


The FILE SPECIFICATIONS & NAMING section includes “…and must adhere to the following
naming convention:…” with must bolded and in red – which does not seem like just a suggestion to me.

So listings with 12 color variations (5 photos per color) and 7 sizes will need 420 files re-named and re-uploaded as opposed to the only 60 unique photos already in Amazon’s system.


It does seem that from the pdf guidelines an on-figure Main image is just a recommendation as it only states should.

The must in the Seller Central link, however, clearly contradicts this. Maybe the Seller Central help page is out of date? One can only hope that Amazon provides further clarification…


Have there been any more clarifications in the last few weeks since this was released? Does anyone know when they will begin enforcing these new “recommendations?”