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With the new Brand Referral Bonus program, brands can improve their off-Amazon advertising efficiency while earning a bonus.

Brands can earn a bonus averaging 10% of promoted product sales when they direct traffic from their off-Amazon marketing campaigns to their Amazon listings. In addition, brands collect the same bonus for any of their brand’s products the customer purchases in the following two weeks. The bonus is provided as a credit to their seller referral fees.

We’ve created a short how-to video to help you get started with the Brand Referral Bonus program.

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This is all very well but what happens when Amazon allow some random seller from China to hijack your brand name WITHOUT your permission and then REFUSE to change it back.

Being told that Amazon can’t chage it without the brand owners permission (as Amazon now believe the impostor is the brand owner) is a bit of a joke!

And now with this scheme the hijackers get rewarded everytime they send someone to ‘their’ brand on Amazon.

You people really are something else.


How can they Hijack your brand name once you have it trademarked and live on brand registry?


That’s a question that a lot of sellers would like the answer to, but unfortunately there has been complete radio silence from Amazon.

I’m of the opinion that’s it either an Amazon glitch or an inside job.

Or maybe the fact that Amazon are completely disinterested might suggest they are perhaps somehow involved. I really don’t know.

Either way it makes a complete mockery of brand registry.


Hello from Amazon, @yorkie

We reviewed your selling account, as well as the ASIN you included in your support case opened on 11/13.

We did not find another seller listing against that ASIN, or as you indicated, hijacking your listing. If we missed something, please send me a private message with the name of the party you believe has hijacked your listing, or any other information you believe would be helpful.

Thank you,


We have an American seller that stole another sellers Trademark and is using it on Amazon. When we reported it to Amazon to please review they did not even take it serious. I provided them the real owners of the trademark, the information from the USPTO, an email from the real trademarked owners and nothing. They do not protect branded names unless its a big name like Nike, Nabisco, etc.


I just watched it happen. I have no clue how they do it but they do. Than Amazon protects the highjacker.


This is new to me. I know about list hijacking, but I never heard of Brand hijacking once you have them properly registered with USPTO. Please answer the moderator and keep us posted on more details.


@KJ_Amazon thank you for your reply.

You won’t find the ASIN in my account because the US version of the listing has not been hijacked. It’s the UK version of the listing that’s been hijacked.

If you can have any influence on the European team then that would be appreciated.


Am I missing something here? Brands can pay for advertising which gets the customer interested in their product. They can then divert the customer to their own website or Amazon. If the customer purchases from the company website, the Brand pays card processing fees. If the customer goes to Amazon, the fees are now 5% plus a variable closing fee. With the higher fees I am just curious why it would be a benefit to have the customer diverted to Amazon. I get why a Brand would want their products on Amazon as a consumer searching on the platform can find the product. I am not so sure about taking the sale off the Brand’s website to complete the sale.


@yorkie Thank you for replying. Can you please post or message me with more specific information, such as the listing ASIN(s), support case numbers, whether it is part of Brand Registry, etc.

thank you,


Is it possible that they have the trademark of your brand in Europe?

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