Important notification regarding impacts of the Novel Coronavirus


Universities from California to New York have closed campus classrooms as the novel coronavirus has affected more than 100000 people

This is just a start, precautions are valid and necessary, as well as planned isolation from normal congregation meetings, conferences and gathering. Prescreen entry access to all events, sports events, travel transportation and food deliveries.

Together we can and will overcome.


Thank you for the update! I’m a little worries about our supply chain since some of our parts come from China. In the event we are unable to produce, will our subscribe & save FBA listings and customers all be lost? Is there anything we can do in this circumstance? Thank you in advance for your help.


When do the amazon FBA warehouses start closing down?


That is true, but the death rate of Covid-19 is TEN TIMES that of the flue.


If one is worried, just put the stuff out in bright sunlight for a couple of hours. That will kill all germs with UV and heat.


China has actually done a very good job with testing which includes much more than just a covid genetic test. They have got this down. Stay at home is also NOT a solution if one has a family. Much of the person to person transmission is within the family unit and not with strangers or casual exposure. 80 percent have mild to moderate symptoms. I own part of a factory 100km from Hong Kong and my people are back to work, although there are still supply disruptions and transportation issues. In the US we are a few weeks away from the disaster Italy is facing if we do not conduct mass testing immediately and free up mass numbers of hospital beds as well as providing all medical people with property protection equipment.


Amazon needs to allows us vendors to BULK edit handling time. We CANNOT open and manually edit hundreds of listings! It is too complicated to use the spread sheet upload. We have a web developer who cannot even figure it out!!! Please add this capability in the manage inventory section or to the shipping template over-rides. Vacation mode CANNOT be used as it will turn off everything, and hit all sales! All we need is a delay on certain items. It is very frustrating and time consuming. Thank you.


All you need is a simple spreadsheet with ‘sku’ and ‘leadtime-to-ship’. Copy all your sku’s to the ‘sku’ column and enter your handling time in the ‘leadtime-to-ship’ column. Save it as a .txt.

Go to Add Products via Upload in Seller Central and select “Price & Quanitity” under “file type”.


Isn’t the column called handling-time?


It isn’t complicated. Let me know your issues with it.


It may be that on the regular inventor loader files, or possibly a newer template of the Price and Quantity template. I’ve been using this one for years. All I need are sku and ‘leadtime-to-ship’.


After they hire the 100,000 people.


A lot of comments in this thread aged like milk…


I would like to find out if other sellers feel like they are being manipulated by the COVID-19 pandemic. I am a small book dealer who prides in selling a quality product with good service. I mailed a book with first class mail and followed the tracking number. It arrived at the destination, but couldn’t be delivered. I received an email from a school associate who said that their book was not delivered and that is was tagged with an ALERT status. The seller said they didn’t want to deal with the post office and to give them a refund immediately or I would receive a bad review for poor service. I contacted the associate’s post office and a delivery supervision said that schools were closed and mail was being held. The postal worker couldn’t say when the mail would be delivered. I proceeded to refund the buyer, because I didn’t want to receive anymore of the customer’s threatening emails and didn’t want a bad review.
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I am an FBA seller. Are there any measures I should take other than waiting to send product until April 5?


Why do I have to pay for a refund of missed fulfillment promise when I did not fulfill the order?

I have Prime personally and I ordered things Monday and Tuesday that are not coming until Saturday or Sunday. Shall I ask for refunds on those items?

I understand shipping is behind, but Amazon needs to SUSPEND FBA and MF FULFILLMENT PROMISES now!


Huh? We’re to protect our metrics by increasing our Pre-fulfillment Cancel Rate ? And then hope that an indifferent, overworked, poorly incentivized and poorly trained/updated CSR will accept our “excuse” or that a bot will offer forgiveness?

Why can Amazon publicly state that they are not going to meet their Prime promises, while seeing increased sales and profits, and we risk getting shut down for the same? How is that not anti-trusty?


I vote that ALL negative feedback be automatically deleted during this time.


I vote for IPI


We are also Walmart sellers. Today we received an email from them stating, “We are relaxing our Order Defect Rate (“ODR”) policies”. Amazon needs to step up and do the same thing. They have admitted to having difficulty getting FBA orders out on time, they should expect sellers are facing the same challenges.