Important notification regarding impacts of the Novel Coronavirus


This is, in fact, where most of those deaths attributed to the flu derive. The CDC does not count, they only estimate, flu related deaths. Most of those are pneumonia deaths in vulnerable populations.


No impact yet - we straight import from China and the lunar new years ends this week so we haven’t received but one box from our suppliers in the last 4 weeks. This will be the week we find out if production in China/exporting from China will be slower than normal. I have been in contact with two suppliers and I have not heard anything alarming yet.


I have a clothing factory in Dongguan China. Our factory was supposed to open on the 10th but it is now postponed and we are not allowed to open until further notice. Lets assume we can have the factory open on the 17th, when the workers come back they have to be quarantined for another 7-14 days. The problems is many workers are NOT allowed to leave the village yet. Even they could leave the village they would not have any public transportation to take to get here because everything is shut down. Even if somehow we can open our factory, we cant get all the Martial or supply. This is a very serious problems and the worst event for the past 30 years in China. The sad thing is when you turn on the TV here in the U.S. its all politics and other craps. The Americans have very little knowledge about whats going on with China right now. It is going to be a supply chain nightmare internationally very soon. just wait


I don’t like waiting, also ain’t afraid of that Corona Novel

I received a document from a friend of a friend (unreliable source), that apparently there will be or already are new/old laws to crack down on the mass of counterfeit products sold online (this year), and so I suspect there will be a lot of shelf dusting off, delays, and what not.

Guess who will now be held accountable for selling counterfeit stuff. Yes, counterfeiters will now be reported to the law. Warehouses will be visited and periodically checked for counterfeited stuff.

This might all be fake news or not, who really knows… All I know is that 2020 is starting very wonderful, we about flooded here, and more rain coming. Makes me so happy…

The point is that any one country/person should not have to rely on another entirely.

What is wrong with politics, besides you could always go watch some of them good ol’ films like…

  • Smokey and the Bandit
  • Dukes of Hazzard
  • Bonanza
  • Gunsmoke
  • Little House on the Prairie
  • John Wayne movies

Listen to Johnny Cash music…


Hopefully what you said it’s true. There are many Chinese companies copy our images and use them for there listing on amazon. unfortunately they are so many of them and it is really difficult to ban them all. I really hope amazon can do something about that. However, we are an American company with Chinese manufacturing capabilities so I can compete with their price at least


Praying everyone will be able to survive the epidemic safely and bless us with a long -term success on amazon.:blush:


I hope so too… Sometimes you just have to flow with the current. When I started here I had a different view of how things seemed to work. Made some mistakes, learned from them. Now my view is different, I for a change will plan on moving to the handmade products. More like a hobby, because it’s hard to compete even if you source from over there. Eventually they find a loophole and sell your design to others…


I am hoping this means we will see a huge decrease in China dropshippers!
I knew there had to be a positive to this disease.

Sorry for the cynicism but it was an open door


Anyone shifting manufacturing out of China as a result of this?


I literally ran away from China, the situation was disturbing, securities checking names and temperature on the community entrances, i barely handled to get a taxi to the airport, and i had temperature which could make me stay in china, but i drank a medicine and passed through to my native country. Thank God it’s getting better now, waiting to go back, cause i forgot my inner passport (we have two passport system in my country) and i have issue with my credit card i can’t renew my credit card on foreign passport. That’s the whole impact. Stay safe guys, we all are humans, pray for chinese people who has nowhere to run away


the latest news from China: epidemic is under control. now we are preparing for going back to work or learn while having to battle with this virus. Everything is gonne to normal life. thank everyone, luckily, we are living and move forward. ps: my family and I have stayed at home for half a month since the virus appeared. now the victory is not far away. so just wait patiently and calm down.


theres no backup plan for a zombie virus


We have started to work normally, all enterprises have resumed normal operation, and China has successfully controlled the virus!


What is the action plan for items in FBA which returned as customer used or damaged. It appears the virus can live on surfaces where passing the goods between locations could create potential problems?


I saw Wallstreet Journal news today that an Amazon worker in Washington state got infected by the new virus or tested positive. How would this affect packages processed by Amazon for sellers and buyers? Would that whole warehouse be locked for virus removal?


Which post was vaporized?


True @Bel_Essence_Naturals
There will be under reporting there, yet Summer is nearby. The challenges will be in late 2020 (winter) when few will exercise, have Sunlight exposure and the deficiency of vitamin D.

Sure there is panic with everyone and worldwide, yet the Recovery of infected individuals is very good 54k worldwide vs 3k.

The focus of alternatives has started a few years ago, with manufacturing in Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, and other countries. As Amazon focuses on India, India will also come on board as a viable Manufacturer. Asia has reigned due to the sea cargo logistics.


Yes, true, although I will use 2 weeks, because I am not worried about surface residual contents, more focused on the internal non-airborne particles.


Viruses cannot leave the host and survive alone, because they also need nutrition to survive, so products from China are unlikely to carry the virus. I think this is not something to worry about


WASHINGTON (Reuters) Pete Schroeder, Anna Irrera

Fed quarantines U.S. dollars repatriated from Asia on coronavirus caution

We know that China literally burned their money as a precaution of a virus gone wild.

The U.S. Federal Reserve has begun quarantining physical dollars that it repatriates from Asia before recirculating them in the U.S. financial system as a precautionary measure against spreading the virus, a Fed spokesperson told Reuters.

She said regional Fed banks that help manage the money supply will set aside shipments of dollars from Asia for seven to 10 days before processing and redistributing them to financial institutions. The policy, first reported by Reuters, was implemented on Feb. 21, the official said.

Again, I would rather it be 2 weeks, not the 10 days the FEDS have placed on one very large source of virus transfer element the US Dollar.