Important notification regarding impacts of the Novel Coronavirus


Oh dear God. There were no definitive statements made. A Ph.D. should be able to read that.


It looks like my previous post might have been vaporized or not published at all so I’ll risk repeating a warning again in slightly toned down wording.

No one knows for sure how far this virus has spread already. It’s best to protect oneself and others in public or when volunteering to self isolate from the public altogether. In public environments to protect oneself and others, don’t touch anything directly such as shopping carts, bathrooms, whatever. Use antibacterial wipes, a shirt sleeve or a napkin when touching surfaces exposed to the public.

Hoping all ends well, but a responsible public who can act responsibly in the time of a global health crisis is most helpful of all in the long run.


EXACTLY. The reason for my original post is to say do not assume that everything is 100% safe, just because something was delivered from China. Just take precautions and assume nothing. Keep in mind that this virus originates in China, one of the most secretive nations on earth. They are not reporting, nor will they report the full extent of the outbreak there. As a country who’s economy relies on exporting manufactured goods, they are not going to supply information that could potentially impact their export of goods. For those whose businesses depend on receiving shipments from China, exercise some care, and know that whatever we DON’T know is going on in China could have an sudden impact on trade business.


sorry, as a country whose economy … grammar goof.


Exactly what I tell everyone… it is just another of the countless virus’ out there that infect people with flu like symptoms. It will eventually spread throughout the world tomorrow or next year, it is just a matter of when not if. Its infection and kill rate really are not that insane either for a virus that no-one has built immunity to. In a few months, people will probably completely forget it exists, like every other new virus over the last couple decades.


They reported it, that in turn affects their exports. They would have just not reported it if that is what they wanted.


If product coming from China is shipped on container ships vs air or mail, it takes approximately 15-18 (depending on ports used for export/imports ) to get to US west coast ports, so the 9 days is moot. Now, if products are shipping via Air…good luck.


The sky is falling the sky is falling. Keep in mind when you’re popping those bubblewrap bubbles…that air may be from China! Hehe…


A math major here -
fatality rate is what is important and its ability to spread. As per latest CDC stats 35K people died with over 35.5M cases of flu last season, which is under 0.1%.
This virus is 2-3 time more infectious and has 2% mortality rate, based on reported cases.
if we let it become “another flu” that would mean ~100M (infected per year ) * 2% = 2M deaths/year in USA alone. And our current birth/death totals from all causes are 3.8M over 2.8M…
There was another article with an estimate of total infected in Wuhan as 5% (from some UK research source) and one big unknown is the real level of infection because people might just not report “mild” cases. in that case (5% of 11M people and 700 dead )you are down to about 0.1% mortality rate and “yet another flu”
As always, good to remember that, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”


About 4,000 people a month die of regular pneumonia in the US (roughly 50,000 per year).


Maybe it’s less about the packaging and more about the production of actual products. If people can’t work…


Looks like Amazon is advising Sellers to think ahead and have a plan in place.

Like they say,

The question is not IF but more WHEN will the next Pandemic occur?


A lot of products from China are being delayed at this time because employees are staying home.


Here’s one for reference:

forbes: Scientists Predict Coronavirus May Live For Up To Nine Days On Surfaces

May need to quarantine product for + 9 days before shipping anything out.

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a bachelors level bio or chem student should be able to read that…
just sayin


From which scientists and where you read that???


No they haven’t projected that the virus can live on surfaces up to nine days.

It is important to note that the review article only took into account data from other types of coronaviruses like SARS and MERS to make their conclusions as no data of this type currently exists on nCoV2019, the strain in the current outbreak.


On Amazon, there are four:
Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics and Seller Account Health.


We have noticed that our shipping company has had trouble receiving new shipping supplies ordered last month as entire containers are backed up in China. While your items themselves may not be from China or need quarantined, its still possible other unforseen things like this may occur which effect logistics or pricing. Currently we are paying almost double our normal cost of boxes and bubble wrap by having to buy US stock. Depending on the length of the quarantine of the Chinese public, we may all experience some limited availability of some resources and various pricing fluctuations.


So far my business hasn’t been affected. The only thing I have had a problem with is that China has been celebrating their New Year for a month, so I can’t get any new inventory until after 2/21. I hope everyone stays safe & pray for the ones in China who is having to battle with this virus & they get it under control.