Important information about your listings on


Dear seller,

Please read this email carefully. The listing information described below may affect your ability to sell certain products.

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible customer experience, we are implementing approval requirements for Nintendo products.

What does this mean for me?
Effective on 2019-10-31, you will need approval to list the affected products. If you do not obtain approval to sell these products prior to 2019-10-31, your listings for these products will be removed.


There are multiple threads on this subject from sellers who read their email earlier in the day.

Most of the nuts and bolts issues are addresses in them and the pain as well.


There was no opportunity to request authorization


That’s because the message was sent in error, as Amazon admitted in a statement the next day; if you search for “Amazon blames ‘error’ for blocking Nintendo resellers from listing products” you’ll find Nick Statt’s The Verge article on this snafu.


So, what do we do if our listing are still blocked?


Provided that all the ducks are in a row in regards to other concerns, I would probably first try what SME @Vernon_Amazon recommended in the other thread to which you just posted:


Well, my account is technically fubar right now anyways, to the point I can’t even collect my earnings because it is in a performance review status without there being a performance review. Seller support has kindly not helped me in any way with the issue so far.

That said, I was hoping there was a solution other than relisting all the items. I already tried editing the listings, but looks like I will have to relist them. Not sure there is much of a point as my account has been broken for over a month now, and my money is just stuck in limbo. Probably going to have to go through arbitration because nobody in seller support seems to be able to read English, and their response to me saying my account is bugged/broken, and here is how and why, is to ignore the how and why and tell me “nope, your account is just fine”.

Getting off topic, but there is a serious problem if the way a company handles a system glitch is to wait for legal action.