Impact of the Purge of Small Suppliers?


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Not sure if you have heard of below news, i am wondering how it will impact small sellers. Does this mean Amazon will slowly quit from direct competition with sellers (the news said she is no longer buying bulk order from smaller venders if i understood correctly)? or it leads to a more vigorous competition due to pushing those small venders (orginally selling to amazon) to join the competition to sell to individual customers? How do you think??

Amazon Is Poised to Unleash a Long-Feared Purge of Small Suppliers


If you read the whole artical it is actually talking about small wholesalers supplying amazon to sell their own products rather than general small sellers so really nothing to see here overall.

An interesting read overall and an indication of where they are heading over the next decade.


It will definitely be good for small sellers if Amazon is reducing their presence as a direct seller, the question is will these companies that are booted wholesale the items, or just sell themselves.


This has already been discussed, at length


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