Impact of China/US Trade War on Amazon Sellers


Today I was informed by one of my Chinese suppliers that a large percentage of shipments being shipped to an Amazon warehouse directly were being returned due to customs issues created by the current trade war. Has anybody else heard this and/or experienced it and if so what was the reason given for the return?


I would first check with the shipping broker for a definitive answer, it may not be related, it may be.


While Hollywood’s advice is good, I suspect that this is almost certainly due to the fact that the new tariffs imposed on Chinese goods went into effect today.


They could have also filled out the paperwork wrong as well. I’ve heard of overseas manufacturers doing as such gambling with the customs process. We’ve also had foreign customers ask us to improperly fill out customs forms and mismark packages so they don’t get inspected by customs or they have lower taxes.


It will only impact US businesses importing goods from China into the US. It will not impact the China business exporting goods into the US. They do not pay anything at all compared to what an actual US business would pay importing goods into the US from China.

It could be possible your supplier sent the goods pre-paid duties and there was not enough to cover the duties and fees because of the increase on tariff they went into affect today. So they sent it back to your supplier. They should have reached out to your customs broker for additional funds before sending the goods back. It seems like there is another issues with the shipment that customs refused to accept the goods.

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Wrong on all accounts.


China, not Canada buddy…


you’re right, i took that out, was going to mention something about NAFTA.


Best case scenario: Fairer trade for U.S. companies (and the tech industry in particular), plus more help from China in putting economic pressure on North Korea.


Optimistic, not Pessimistic.

Get a grip of yourself and your politics.


The new Section 301 tariffs are on goods exported from China to the U.S. - regardless of whether or not the company doing the exporting is actually a Chinese business (e.g., recent research indicates that only 13% of computer and electronic products exported from China are from companies owned by Red Chinese nationals - the other 87% is exported from China by companies that are non-Chinese).

As has already been pointed out by others, NAFTA has no direct relationship on anything pertaining to China.


That number is far off (must be from 2012) and those numbers are just growing wayyyy to fast.


Yes you should read the news today. China is going to be hurt by this FARRRRR more than we are. The Chinese economy is a mess they are in a worse debt crisis than the USA. I’m sorry but you are a low information liberal with ZERO knowledge of trade nor economics. The reason we don’t produce much in the USA is because past politicians SOLD US ALL OUT…I should say SOLD US TO CHINA



Given the two countries’ joint efforts to contain North Korea, and the amount of U.S. debt held by the Chinese government, the world powers should likely think four or five times before escalating a dispute, which would be extremely detrimental to both countries.

But don’t expect an overly rosy outcome either: I don’t think we’re going to see an actual trade agreement between the U.S. and China.

And then this tariff slapped today.
All out war now! The US will prevail!


Spoke to one of my Chinese suppliers yesterday.

He said several factories in his area have shut down.

It’s far worse for them than it is for us, as they don’t import much from us.

Most American brands that sell in China actually build those products in China.

The Chinese are totally dependent on the U.S.

There’s nothing special or unique about cheap labor. Most big textile brands started making their products in U.S. prisons anyway.


Lets hope several thousand factories don’t shutdown here as well. This could be bad from some US companies in the beginning. Hopefully their capital and inventory levels are strong enough to weather the storm.


Wrong, the USA population likes to buy Cheep junk made in Chain and Sold in All Stores in the USA. WE have no MFGs of common items anymore. Because of the rise of the Mega Cooperation that has feelings. This is all on the Back of the GOP. And is is hurting Small and larger business Nation Wide. Go Ask a Soy farmer, or NE Lobster companies. As all the USA car MFgs, And Even Ask Costco.


already happening.