I'm leaving too


You can edit your international sales to ship only to more reliable countries, for me that’s most English speaking countries, most of Europe, Japan and some other Asian countries. Most late mail problems are South and Central America, the ex-Soviet countries and probably others that I never get orders from. Shipments to these places almost always arrive, but often too slow for Amazon’s standards.


I used to recommend selling here and on eBay, but not any longer. It is a tough game and it gets tougher each and every day.


Ebay is a nightmare listings that show only parts of the month larger fees. more problem buyers. Amazon is the best still yes it is not perfect. I am closing my ebay down but keeping the amazon.


Very sorry to see you go.
My very best wishes to you with any future endeavors.

I feel your pain ; I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be around.
I’ve kept my account going because I promised my deceased husband that I’d give it my best shot . He opened up shop in 2007. I’ve been on my own since 2011.
But after many hours of contemplation, I’ve decided that even he would do the same given how things are right now. It truly breaks my heart to leave.
But, at least Amazon will be happy…It seems that’s all that matters now-a-days.



Your health is more important, It was good source of income for the past years, for some others it is still their main source of income, Take some time to find the inner peace and i am sure you will find another good source of income, God Bless.


Years ago, most of the replies to you would have been “Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya”. No longer. We’re all ready to jump ship with you. Selling on Amazon has become a terrible experience. I received another return “request” yesterday. Return postage paid by the very generous Amazon. No questions asked of the buyer. Best of luck in the future and feel better.


Sears used to say, Nill outgrow Sears
ToysRUs used to say, Nill outgrow ToysRUs
So did KMart and all others who grew and faded away


Good Luck! Agreed your health is more important. I’m not sure how much longer I will be here as well, I fell the tug of a big ol Bass on my line
Stay safe and enjoy your life!!


you gotta keep strong.


Yep, and I still want to learn how to fly fish !


I totally agree with you that Amazon doesn’t take the necessary steps to make sure that the Customer doesn’t defraud the Seller. Especially nowadays with all the identity theft and mail fraud amazon should request a Police Report for every “Lost / Stolen” package, as the consumer will usually not follow through as they would be scared of being arrested for Mail Fraud.

We hope amazon only moves forward and doesn’t forget about the Sellers that helped amazon get to where they have gotten to today.

Sad to see you leave but your health is way more important stress is never worth any amount of money.


It’s exactly that attitude that started eBay’s decline over a decade ago. It used to be THE place to shop, you could find ANYTHING there, and trust what you bought. Not anymore. Amazon is eating their lunch today. Unfortunately I don’t see how anyone could really take on a behemoth like Amazon to provide them true competition - maybe Walmart, but likely not, as they don’t really have a clue how to do 3rd party e-commerce.


I thought you were doing ok with your amazon business. Why leave now?


For what?
To wake up every morning and dread logging into my account not knowing what I might find?
Doing my ut-most to learn and follow every policy to a “T” …and getting slapped in the face.
Keeping pretty much perfect metrics …and getting slapped in the face.
Providing outstanding CS …and getting slapped in the face.

While the scam buyers and sellers are permitted to continue their stupid ass games?

I’m just plain tired … Feel like I’ve been strong for much too long.


I’m in the group that has had a minimal amount of sales since Thursday. I had a 129.00 week end ( that’s un-heard of for me) !..I’m very discouraged and feel like I’m being pushed out while the high and mighty “Mr Jeff” just doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to just say good bye… you’re done Karen.

But no, He’d rather keep me around and force me to leave while he squeezes every damn penny that I’ve ever earned out me instead!
We all deserve a little respect!!
AMAZON 7 days|426x500


Sears had a better run than any retailer in this country’s history.

Amazon is still an infant in comparison

Your point is moot


i can only say i feel your pain and as you put it

however - after i was reading your post i couldn’t find any other reply then STAY STRONG - not talking about selling on amazon but in life.



Its impossible to make any money…between lowballers & higher fees…:disappointed_relieved:

I set May 1st as the day I’d start Plan B… I’ll stay on but be on vacation most of the time until I can liquidate a vast inventory of super nonfiction books…

Every once in a while one sells for a good price…but no where near worth staying around for…

Postscript: Here’s a possible plan for part time booksellers…

Only Keep Books Listed & Priced Over $15 or $20 where YOU are the Lowest Price…?

Its those 50 book listings were the first page is $5.99 free shipping that makes holding inventory impossible :grin:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Amazon has been around since 1994 and allowing 3rd party sellers to sell on it’s site since 2000.
Ebay has been around since 1995.

After nearly a quarter-century, I think the age of “the pioneers in the emergence of online retailing” has long past.