Im confused....someone pleeeeeease explain this ASIN mixup?


a few items that i have been selling on and off for years has now suddenly been replaced with a different item/newer model. here is an example below.

Apogee Duet 2x2 FireWire audio interface (Standard)

now after years it has been magically replaced with this.

Apogee Duet 2 Audio Interface for Mac
ASIN: B004W95TA6

im so confused on how this happened and why it happened. even if i google the original ASIN it shows up but when you click on it the new revised ASIN listing appears.

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What’s confusing about this?..(specifically)…

They released a new model and changed the ASIN…

How specifically is this confusing to you?..
How specifically is this confusing you?..

I’m confused about how this is confusing to you…



your being an dummy. its a reasonable question and someone with more knowledge of the subject matter needs to explain further to help me understand what happened… an item thats been listed for sale on amazon for over 8 years has now vanished off of amazon completely!

how can an item be swapped with a completely different item and keep its original product reviews and sales rank and compound it with a different item?


I believe what occurred here was what Amazon refers to as an ‘ASIN Merge’. First steps is to make this product ‘Inactive’ until fixed because you do not want to sell something that does not match what the product page is.

Since the original ASIN (B000XANK90) (UPC Code: 805676300719) does not exist and your inventory now shows a different ASIN (B004W95TA6) (UPC Code: 805676300986), this is the only logical answer.

An ASIN merge is performed when Amazon is notified, and believes, there are duplicate product pages. Since Amazon’s catalog is designed to have a single product page for each distinct product, Amazon will merge product pages. Sometime they are wrong and we need to engage Amazon to correct their error.

If this product page is/was not an exact match to the previous product page, you will need to open a case with Seller Support and request a ‘Merge or split product page’ be done. Basically your asking them to restore the previous product page and split this merge back to the way it was.

You will need to provide proof these products are different. Usually stating the UPC code differences and/or links to manufacturers website for each product will be the best evidence you can provide.

Also, you should have received an email from Amazon advising you of the merge (Subject: ASIN Merge Notification). It is standard practice that Amazon notify sellers of the page that is being deleted, so they can review to ensure a match. Did you not get such an email?


Just wanted to add…

If you cannot find the manufacturers webpage for these products, you can use the following URLs to clearly show the difference. We have used this site before to prove with Amazon without issues.

The current ASIN Page:

Your old ASIN Page:

This site is helpful because it provides a picture of the items and will display Amazon’s ASIN should it be registered with the site.


It is very possible that an Amazon Bot merged the 2 ASIN’s as being the same item. Just call/email SS (contact button on the bottom of the page). See if they will change this back to the original 2 listings and not the combined listing. You will need to be prepared to explain and prove that they are different. Mfg Website page is extremely helpful in these situations.

I also would disable the listing, until Amazon fixes the merge. You don’t want a sale on an incorrect listing.


nope, did not get any emails from amazon about this.

its 2 different items with 2 different UPC’s it doesn’t make any sense that they would merge them together


That is a problem. I would open a separate case to investigate why you where not notified of the merge. Merges happen frequently – usually we are fine – but in your situation and not getting notified causes issues, especially if your not selling what is advertised on the active product page.

Another seller probably requested the merge and made a strong case to show they were the same, or a poorly trained employee did so without proof. Sometimes Amazon’s bots will catch them and merge but since both UPCs are registered to the proper different products, I highly doubt a bot did this.


Sometimes they merge pages incorrectly for similar or identical titles.

Once I found that they merged a CD page with a DVD page.

Try to find that original ASIN page also in google cache. Usually it is still there for a while even after Amazon deletes the catalog page.

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