If you have been suspended for related accounts due to Global Issue, please read!


Don’t lose hope! I was able to get account back in 2 days after submitting appeal for my account that was suspended shortly after being verified due to global account issue going on. This is where your account was verified in the USA marketplace but by joining the global offer (on accident), the EU marketplace was added and now your account was shut down for “related accounts” after that.


New account suspended without products "Section 3 of Amazon’s Business Solutions Agreement"

Can you please post your appeal? Did you do PofA? I have been trying to get through this for a while and used my appeals for what I thought was the problem only to find out this was the problem. Thank you.


Like @Middle_Fork said could you please post your appeal? I’m almost 1 month deep and I haven’t been able to solve this issue. What steps did you go through in order to get it back!? And you got it back in 48 hours? very impressive.


need help plz


Yes can you please post your POA because I have been offline since Feb 24 and Mexico/Canada are still deactivated. I got Japan verified.


Does anyone know if it matters which region you send your appeal to? Like if I am suspended on Japan, Canada, and USA, but got verified on UK, do I need to appeal each region separately, or would each appeal count towards the limit - and each appeal would further delay a response? @Nancy_s_Online_Sales who did you send your appeal to?


Greetings Nancy,

That’s very delightful! May I see your email from Amazon about the suspension reason, please?

I sent an appeal about 10 submissions in the past 2 months already, which I just aware that might cause the spamming appeal.


Just a follow up to my post above… I was reinstated on NA about 2 weeks after being verified on the UK. I did not send any additional appeals after my UK verification… I just waited.


Been suspended for 4 months… 18 Appeals, 200 Minutes of Overseas call, and Countless emails (Spread evenly apart) but no one responded back to me regarding this “related accounts”.

From your post, this could have been the actual reason why my account is suspended, as all my Marketplace was suspended together at the same time, when I selected to join all the marketplace (since My company may expand in the future, the more the merrier or so i thought).

Any advice? Do i appeal again and explain that the reason of suspension was because of all the other marketplace i registered with are all also suspended.

Do advice as it been close to 4months…


If you still need to be verified in the other regions, you need to do that first, then wait. While I was going through the UK verification process for the UK, I sent an email to the verification team asking what was left outstanding. It wasn’t quite clear to me what, if anything, was still required. They got back to me within a day and let me know. 1 day later I was verified, 1.5 weeks later my other accounts were reinstated.


My UK account is undergoing verification as mention. However, my Japan account (yes i created all the marketplace together as i didnt expect to get suspended cause of this) is suspended due to a related account as well. What do you recommend for me to do for my japanese account? normal appeal?


@Oneida This was the thread i was referring to. Maybe this is my error? It doesnt make sense at all and I really dont know what to do. .


I actually just realized that I am still suspended on Japan, despite being reinstated on NA and UK. Perhaps focus on the UK verification and then to NA.


Am I right to say if my documents are complete, my US Amazon suspension will be lifted automatically after a week without any appeal?


My documents are complete. My Eu and JP accounts are good. Amazon NA has not recognized that other accounts good yet. Sent appeal explaining accounts are now good with no related account suspended (NA or JP). I sent appeal over 30 days ago. Good Luck.


Is there a way to delete the foreign accounts? I really do not want them; I just added them because it was an option, but would happily delete them. I’ve been suspended since I tried opening. I’ve called and been very judicious about emailing, but each time I do email, I receive an automatically generated email, and then it states that my problem has been answered. Any info is helpful!


Been a few weeks but I did as you mention, my Europe account was reinstated and I closed it. However, my Japan account is still suspended due to the related account, and Amazon will not lift the suspension.


Hello I’m in the same situation except my NA, Canada, Japan, Mexico was active and I sold lots of items, then I decided to open Europe “after 2 months of my NA accounts” the moments I finished registering in Europe, everything went deactivated, and I have been appealing and providing documentation, with no resolution same stupid answer from Amazon, not sure what to do, I didn’t get what Nancy did, what was the solution she made i didn’t see any steps taken can you elaborate @Nancy_s_Online_Sales


This is a lengthy explanation. Summary: you have to comply with each and every region’s requirements before you will be reinstated.

Explanation: I had the same problem since January, 2020. You are likely suspended because you have not finished the registration documents for specific markets. Each region requires different - or possibly duplicate - information from you. Just sending it in for the amazon.com USA market does not mean that it has been transferred to the Global sites. That’s the rub. You have to toggle down on the various seller accounts that you have, open that market (ie amazon.jp) , and then go to Performance Notifications. There, you will go to see your performance notifications for each of the countries or market areas, and you should be able to see which ones are missing documents. Then, submit the documents through their appeal button.

When I signed up for Amazon seller accounts, I just checked the global accounts, erroneously thinking that I could just open these up contemporaneously and without issue. The problem created by this is that there is no mention in any emails submitted by Amazon.com that the suspension is related to the global accounts being the related accounts, and not some other account. I was suspended immediately for “related accounts” and no one from Amazon would tell me what related accounts meant. That was the biggest reason for the issue. The first person I spoke with suggested that I had other amazon.com seller accounts that I did not disclose. Then, another said that it could have been due to others having the same office address as I have. Thus, I spent time trying to demonstrate never opened up and account, and that if there were accounts they would have been from others with the same office address.
It took four months and a helpful rep to finally explain it was the global account issue, and that I had to look and see what documentation each and every global account requires.

Please note that there is another catch. You cannot just close the global accounts in order to become compliant and have your amazon.com account opened. You need to individually comply with each account’s requirements and submit that documentation; get an active account; and then close the account (if that’s what you want to do). You must submit this through the Appeal button, not through another method. As an aside, I was able to close all of the European accounts the same day I submitted the information, but I have had to submit my information to Japan (I am on my third submission of the same documents).

I realize that this is a lengthy response, but I am attempting to provide some detailed guidance so that others may be able to save themselves some time and frustration.

Bottom line: You must comply with each regions’ requirements, submit everything through the “appeal button”, which is at the end of the performance notification for a region, and then once you have ben reinstated for a region, appeal again, and you should be reinstated.


I opened an account on amazon us, and the day after I received an email that the account is active, I logged in. I got information whether I want to open access to other markets “I cliked yes” because I thought that I would be shown some information. It activated other markets at the same time (Europe and Japan.). 20 mins later I received an email saying that my account is deactivated due to related accounts…

Do you have any POA to have an example how to write it in a proper way? Because I have to go trought these 3 steps in appeal ( like cause of issue etc) and I am now not sure how to write it. Any help ?