If my manufacturer is making a custom box for my product, should I insist that they include a bar code, or GTIN?


I would like to avoid having to affix labels to each of my products with a GTIN (UPC or barcode). Will the manufacturer of my product do it for me if they are creating a custom box?


I don’t see why not, you’re paying them. They should do what you ask.


It would seem logical. Is there any way to know that what they put on the box will be acceptable to FBA?


If you are going to put a UPC on the box it can be any size. It is recommended black bars on white background. If you are going to have them put an Amazon FNSKU barcode on it you can send them an example. It has to be black on white.

If they do printing they should be able to take the graphic from a PDF file. That is a pretty standard format. I suggest you get them to send you a sample box so you can scan it and make sure it is correct.

If you are having them print a box do not forget that you have to have contact information on it by law. Amazon is cracking down on that lately. Depending on what you sell there may be other requirements. I can’t post a link, but google Compliance FAQs: Packaging and Labeling in the US by NIST. That has a comprehensive list of requirements for packaging in the US.


I purchased a product recently and it just had an FNSKU printed on the box. No UPC.


@ABQ_Fulfillment is correct. The item can have a UPC or an FNSKU, but not both.



we have FNSKU printed on all our amazon products instead of its barcode.

saves a lot of time.


also, the best way I found to get a good copy of the FNSKU.

prepare a shipment, and print the barcode on the biggest label they have on the list
save as PDF
cut and paste it out of the PDF file.