Identification Verification Sent and Verified/APPROVED Hours Later Deactivated again asking for same exact identification proof that i already sent and was approved


Hello, New here…I created a Seller Account back in 2017 but never used it and deactivated it. Now fast forward to 2021 I am a handmade seller and want to sell my products on Amazon. I applied on Handmade and was approved an hour later…So I needed to Reactivate my old seller account. I’ve had nothing but problems since. Amazon said I needed to “VERIFY MY IDENTITY” Ok…Sure no problem. I sent my photo id and bank statements in immediately as requested. They emailed back almost immediately couldn’t verify I.D. Ok, So a 3 attempts later… Finally got it…Then Couldn’t Verify my business bank statements with my store name…Ok, Fine. I changed my store name to match my business name on my bank account. Great. Ok, 10 minutes later I was APPROVED for Selling and account Reactivated. Great. Awesome. Of course I try to begin listing my items and immediately it says “My account is deactivated due to inactivity. Need to update payment method on file” So I made sure my payment method is correct. It was but still Hours later account shows “Active” on all 3 North America, Canada, & Mexico marketplaces…but It still won’t let me list any products saying I need to “Reactivate my account”. So…I go and fill out a Support ticket to ask for help to get Activated to list my products. I didn’t receive any response back…BUT NOW MY SELLER ACCOUNT IS BACK TO “DEACTIVATED PENDING IDENTITY VERIFICATION” ASKING ME FOR THE SAME EXACT PHOTO ID & BANK STATEMENTS THAT WERE LITERALLY VERIFIED ALREADY THIS MORNING AND APPROVED. SO…I reached out saying What? My photo id/bank statements were just verified/approved this morning. I don’t understand what’s going on. I have yet to receive any response back now. This entire thing has been so ungodly stressful, So upsetting and unbelievably frustrating it has literally reduced me to tears. I sent everything they asked for regarding identification and it was already verified. How is it possible literally hours later they deactivated pending same exact identification verification review again? This has really all left a bad taste in my mouth. Of course now…it’s radio silence and they won’t respond or help. It just says I should hear back by May 8th. Any help with this would be so greatly appreciated if anyone knows why this is happening. Thank you.


Send it all again and hope for the best. Sometimes it takes multiple attempts.


All new sellers go through this procedure.
You were not ‘approved’ the first go - your account was accepted for verification.
Then comes the verification process — comply with document requests — the wait to hear anything back is running up to 45 days.

Make sure that your documentation had the EXACT same name and address as shown on your Amazon account — letter for letter, space for space and punctuation for punctuation. A period after a middle initial one your Amazon account, for example, and no period after a middle initial on your documentation, can result in rejection.


Info: Why was my account suspended, immediately after registration? - Scroll down to:

All documents, submitted, MUST be identical , to all information, entered in your Amazon Seller Account, during registration.

It can be something as simple as “Street” on one document, whereas another has “St.”

When I wrote identical - I mean absolutely identical. This seems to be the biggest AI error in the system.

If an initial is used in your name, but missing elsewhere - the AI spits it out.

If you live in NY, where some streets have hyphenated numbers, such as 95-03 and one document has 9503 - AI spits it out.

Get out a microscope and go over everything. :snail:

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