Ice Cream Lickers In Amazon Warehouses?


Highly doubtful it was a warehouse worker consuming your product. They could be arrested for tampering with products, and there are cameras everywhere. Don’t discount the previous crafty customer that consumed half, then returned secretly to disguise the product not being opened to get a free full refund. Food items shouldn’t be returned, period. It should state this in bold red letters at checkout before purchase. No customer support rep should ever break this rule for any consession, or be instantly terminated. Joking aside, It’s a serious issue.


Order NOW before the warehouse workers drink it all!
So good, it can’t make it through the mail without the mailman taking a sip!


I don’t believe it is customer returns because they are not dumb. They would do like my daughters did when they were teenagers sneeking my alcohol - just ad back some water…


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I agree. In fact, the text on many food items specifically says “return unused portion…”.




@cabinfeverbooks - after having spent a good dozen years in the food and beverage industry (before my amazon days) - I can assure you that if the Chef doesn’t like you… you will not like his food… or at least you might, but you will never know what they did to it before it left the kitchen pass !!


And YOU get a trophy, and YOU get a trophy, we ALL get a trophy!


That is exactly what I said. Living in Texas and only Walmart near to shop - I do Amazon all the time for lots of food items. They are not returnable unless you were to lie and force a reason for return like: “hey this CAME open and half empty” instead of “I drank half and it sucks.”


Unless you’re a manufacturer I’d be frightened to sell food items for this very reason on Amazon.

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