Ice Cream Lickers In Amazon Warehouses?


“we opened the bottle to learn the bottle was only 1/2 full” DOES NOT MEAN “it appears Amazon has employees opening and consuming product”


Be thankful they didn’t drink the entire thing, replace the drink with urine, re-seal the product only to sell it to the unsuspecting. If those warehouse employees are right about their working conditions, it’s only natural they’d take their resentments out on someone…anyone…


FBA isn’t for me. I’m too controlling to allow other people who I don’t know, cannot see, and are obviously not known, or seen, by Amazon to have control over my livelihood. Anyone who does FBA must have nerves of steel, a strong stomach, a large bank account, and an unending supply of alcohol and “mothers little helpers”!


Exactly…its a once a nonth thing for us…


I occasionally buy Layrite products (pomade, shampoo) from Amazon rather than direct from their site and have received wrapped and “sealed” shampoo bottles before that had leaked out within the bag they placed it in within the shipper box. They basically took the bottle…put red tape across the top of it to seal the bottle cap in position and placed that inside a bag. One of the two bottles still leaked out all over the place and was returned to the Amazon warehouse (fulfilled by Amazon vendor and order). I would assume eventually they got a similar claim to yours and a product half full back. Trust me…I didnt steal the shampoo…lol. What I’m saying is…it might actually be what they say it is and not some kind of “theft”.


So funny :joy:


AZ has to start screening its workers…Can just hire warm bodies willing to work cheap.

Imagine what goes on behind the counters at Fast Food Places…:nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :sneezing_face:


Who doesn’t like a good lick of Ice Cream on a Hot Summer day!!! I can only imagine the temperature inside those warehouses. I would be hiding out in the freezer Sampling the various products!!!:stuck_out_tongue:


I had to pull back a dozen bags of candy to relabel (none were returns). Each very well sealed and taped bag contained 3 bags of candy. Two of the 12 bags were cut open and a bag of candy removed from each and then taped again. Maybe the guys on the shipping lines got a little hungry??? I guess they thought we wouldn’t notice? I wonder how many times that this happens and it gets to a customer that then gets his money back at our expense. Sucks!


Put poison in then you will catch the person taking free samples


I don’t think anyone there has the time for a quick lick. Cameras would catch them and they’d be whipped. Can’t meet their quota taking licks. The only licks they’d get is from the cat of 9 tails


That has to be the best post heading I have seen in a long time! Talk about clickbait :joy:


We’ve read time after time after time about FBA employees sending out used product after a return and the vendor getting dinged for this. Just another reason NOT to use FBA. I would absolutely never consider it and here’s another reason. Keep 'em coming. (I also agree about the thirsty AZ worker since they don’t get breaks, etc.


From the last time I checked, Amazon doesn’t offer blue bell on their site.


You could get one time use caps for the bottles. They might come back but they won’t be half full.


I agree…some people really need attention.


Since Amazon says a food item is not returnable then an unscrupulous buyer would have to circumvent the policy somehow and force it to be returnable. TahDaaAAH! Oh look! It came opened and half used! Now you will take it back.


It is happening in other stores. Why discriminate Amazon


You aren’t alone in your experience. We have had a few of our products require poly bagging recently, even though they possess double seals for quality assurance. When we inquired to their investigative team, they said none of our products were sealed. Amazon employees are tampering with products.


Yea right, all the demand for this beverage is making me want to buy a case (I don’t know what he’s selling btw lol).