Ice Cream Lickers In Amazon Warehouses?


You need to be sure that your setting are set to always return all product that has been returned from customers.

Is this an option we have now?

It isn’t possible. They were doing a test with a few sellers but last I heard they ended the test and still haven’t rolled it out to all sellers.


You said they were unsellable per Amazon, so this comment makes no sense.

Are you saying you’ve had zero customer returns of these items?


Get your reimbursement and move on. Next case!


A warehouse has people working and people come in all types. Most are good but as small business owners we all know from time to time an employee can be less that savory.

To answer your question. NO this is NOT the Amazon business model. Simply take images and proof and open a case citing the removal order # and Amazon will surely (eventualy) re-imburse you

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and the sad part is there is nothing that can be done about it.


All jokes aside, @Sea_Hag just gave you a great marketing tag. You should use it. Make the most out of your situation.
Just craft a marketing plan around that line!!

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But now, due to the Changes to the Business Solutions Agreement. Mother A won’t be able to suspend a seller in this situation, without explaining their reasons!

Isn’t it a comfort-since their warehouse employees-or business practices- caused the issue in the first place!!!


Cost of doing business my friend. Just factor in the losses when making pricing decisions. Looks like you have a winner there though =-)


At the fc I used to work in, the ICQA manager had a common practice of damaging out food items to stock the mini fridge in her office. Sellers don’t often recall edibles that are deemed unsellable so she got away with it pretty much the whole time she was there.


They were listed as unsellable; so no, not reselling an opened product. I think a customer return is the most likely answer. Food items are not supposed to be returnable but I have had my items occasionally returned.


Do you mind if I have some of your tasty beverage to wash down this Big Kahuna Burger?


I have looked for that setting. The only thing I see is return unsaleable products. I would like to get all returns sent back to me. where do I find this setting


We thought we got a whiff of this being added to the new updated Business Agreement next August 16th?


This makes the most sense and is the most likely scenario. Amazon warehouses have cameras everywhere - to have multiple employees unwrapping, opening up, drinking, and then re-wrapping … that just doesn’t make sense. Since many customers would unpack the item and try it, and then if they don’t like it just re-wrap it back up like it came - this is most likely the cause of this.


probably a customer return - amazon obviously don’t check returns very thoroughly. Was it half full with original product, or water? (the hotel mini bar–spirits–trick !!)


What a great title…that made my day :joy:


I got a printer cartridge returned me labeled as a pet product


We get “unsellable” items back that are brand new, un-opened. We store everything in poly bags that have to be cut or torn open, that way we know for sure if they have even been opened. Yet, we still get some back in unopened poly bags with our original barcode on them. Baffling.


Perhaps the Cookie Monster works at Amazon. Did you at least have cookies in the box for him?


This is typical from Amazon customers. We are in the vitamin business and we get 100’s of opened products, products swapped for other products, and products coming back empty. Then Amazon labels them “customer damaged” :thinking: