Ice Cream Lickers In Amazon Warehouses?


We just got back several products from Amazon warehouse claiming they were unsellable. We discovered our product was removed from the bubble wrap and the safety seal was broken. Furthermore, we opened the bottle to learn the bottle was only 1/2 full!

It appears Amazon has employees opening and consuming product in their warehouses!

Our product is sealed twice - outer bubble wrap and and shrink plastic wrap around the bottle. Someone has to physically open the bubble wrap, remove the safety seal and pour out or drink the product!

This is not good for Amazon’s business model! We may move these products back to seller fulfilled.

Very disturbing!


Is it possible they were customer returns?


Maybe the guys in the warehouse were thirsty and needed a beverage? Or customers returned the product? Or the UPS guy decided to take a break?


Just look at it this way - Your product is SO good, it can’t get shipped to customers without somebody wanting a taste! :rofl:


A customer probably would have drunk all of it. But an Amazon employee, not certain of when he would be allowed a bathroom break, would only take half.


Smart! I didn’t think of that. Don’t want to fill up too fast.


If they only left a good product review!


Not a customer return. If they were is Amazon reselling opened product? That’s just as crazy!


That is possible if Billy could not tell that it was opened.

In your case, the customer could have returned it and it was marked unsellable which is why you had to remove it from inventory.


We sell dietary supplements and have had someone at Amazon accept customer returns, look at the unwrapped and unsealed bottles and say, “this is fine,” and put them back in inventory to sell.

We were dinged for selling damaged merchandise, of course.


Probably just came back from smoking a doob at break and had a bad case of cottonmouth and needed something fast. Just be glad you did not have any munchies near!!


Look, in all seriousness, you should put together as much information about these sales as possible and pass the info on to the executive team. Maybe they can look for patterns from other sellers or from customer complaints. Maybe they can look at the product in the warehouse, etc. I would send them photos of the seals and lists of warehouses, expiration dates, batch numbers, etc.

Maybe its just one bad employee, maybe there is something bigger going on.

Because when-the-you-know-what hits the fan, you are going to take the blame and Amazon is going to shut you down.


Which fulfillment center?


You need to be sure that your setting are set to always return all product that has been returned from customers. That way you can look over it and be sure that it really is unopened and sealed. As others have stated “Little Johnny” warehouse worker may be processing the returns for the day and sees that the product looks “new” and puts it back into your inventory only to be sold and then you get a claim for selling opened product.


Maybe 1/2 empty is the new full.


We had a princess dress returned to us marked as a dietary supplement.


What, are you selling to dragons?


Is this an option we have now? I’ve been wanting to do this forever but last I heard it wasn’t possible.

How do you do this?


Billy :skull::skull::joy::joy::joy::joy::sob::sob::sob: Love it! Thank You for the laugh I always say the same thing LMAO


That is disturbing and unsanitary I hope you get this resolved before they do it to all your stock🙏🏻