I will never sell on Amazon ever again


I am closing my Amazon seller account because Amazon commits theft - I sold a 140.00 FRENCH LeapFrog LeapPad1 for 65.00 +5.99 shipping I had clearly stated in condition details that it was FRENCH but the buyer didn’t read that the actual shipping cost was 15.00 so I lost 10.00 on shipping then then after the customer received it THEN they realized it was FRENCH and opened a case for Refund based on not as expected or as described so our friends at Amazon wanted me to send this idiot 65.00 + 5.99 shipping and pay the return postage I refused do the math I would be out an additional 21.00 the product would come back all ripped into so Amazon is took the money from me anyway lets the customer keep the leapfrog leapPad1 so I’m out 70.99

Amazon took 5.99 from me for a non refundable expense called shipping they stole 70.99 from me thus I just closed all my items with Amazon I will never sell on Amazon ever again.,…

We have initiated a refund in the amount of $70.99 to …for the following item:

1 LeapFrog LeapPad1 Explorer Learning Tablet, green

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What Debranator said.

You never bothered to read any of the policies/rules you agreed to.

You didn’t match a listing EXACTLY. VIOLATION

You misused condition notes (which buyers often can’t see nor are they required to read) to say your item was DIFFERENT than the listing.

You had no idea how shipping credit worked (again, you never bothered to do due diligence there either) so you lost money on shipping. Not a violation but certainly not good business. That is a tuition lesson in the School of Experience, which costs more than reading first.

Then you REFUSED the not as described return VIOLATION
REFUSED to pay return shipping for your mistake. VIOLATION

Lost an AZ claim, your mone and you item. Well deserved

No safe space or teddy bears here. Every seller like you who figures they can do exactly as they please and mistreat our mutual customers causes said customers to lose faith in 3P sellers, so we all pay for your mistakes.

Next place you sell you might consider doing your due diligence and accepting the blame when something goes wrong because you yourself did not follow policy instead of blaming others.


The forums today are the twilight zone.
Do you not realize that you CANNOT list a french edition on the page of the English version?
Do you realize that your item has to match EXACTLY no matter what you put in your condition notes?
And do you realize that you HAVE to accept a return?
I guess not.


I encourage you to never sell on Amazon again. This will prevent other customers from being unhappy with their purchases from you because you neglect to follow the rules.

Everything you explained about the situation shows you were in the wrong. You are not permitted to list things that are not exactly as described on the product page. A French version needs to be listed on the French product page. The shipping concession is just that and not a reflection of the shipping charge you will incur to ship the item. If you ship something that is not exactly what was sold, you are required, by law, to make the customer whole and pay the return shipping charge. Because you refused to pay the return shipping, the customer doesn’t have to return the product before being refunded.

The only one who attempted to steal here was you.

For the sake of Amazon’s other customers, you should never sell on Amazon ever again.


You should have authorized the return.


It sounds like you not selling again would be for the best for everybody involved.


I think you came to the correct conclusion: don’t ever sell on Amazon again! I can almost guarantee that this sort of thing would happen to you again and again.


sounds like you did not read or did not understand Amazon’s terms of service - don’t let the door hit you in the tuchus (spelling varries) on the way out.


You should have made your post topic: Amazon TOS is a PITA and I dont want to abide by it, I QQuit.

Good bye forever.


Great, less competition for us.


> Thread: I will never sell on Amazon ever again





It is a rare circumstance that I wouldn’t suggest an
alternative venue for someone in a similar situation.

In your case, I don’t even think EBay or Craigslist
is ready for you.

Restrict yourself to just buying things. Please
don’t try to sell anything ever again.


Let me see if I understand the basics here. The buyer is wrong for not reading… BUT you are not wrong for not reading. See you signed a contract to sell here and in that you agreed to various policies including a return policy. Possibly you should read very well before you get upset that a buyer doesnt.

In addition you also forgot to read the rules about listing items. As the rules clearly state that items must match exactly and condition notes can not be used to describe how your item differs from the detail page


You listed a French leappad under the English version. Condition notes don’t trump catalog pages. This was your own fault entirely.


Thank Goodness!

One less clueless seller to muck up the business.


>The buyer is wrong for not reading… BUT you are not wrong for not reading.


bunga bunga!


If your condition notes on this item were anything like this post, I’m not surprised the customer did not understand what they were buying. Have you ever considered using punctuation marks and correct grammar? Not a single thing you wrote is a complete sentence.

Good luck in whatever you end up doing and Happy Holidays.


You cannot list an item on a listing that does not match the description EXACTLY.

You cannot count on the customers reading your description instead of the listing catalog page. This is why AZ does not allow.

Good Bye- More for us that do read the seller’s agreement.


More like scream of thought.