I QUIT! Amazon has continually screwed over sellers. DONE


Well, my sales arent amazing, but as an fbm seller I don’t deal with a lot of the fba issues I’ve seen in this thread and a lot of the headache customers are weeded out because they aim for fba listings only because they know those sellers have almost no ability to fight back. I’ve had a return rate of 0.45% on this site for 2019, and I haven’t had to pay for those return labels either, so I guess it depends on what you sell. Amazon does need to take better care of their sellers, particularly the domestic ones, but I’m no where near ready to quit right now


Someone literally just asked me for a refund because they received their package damaged. She had ordered it like an hour before the message. I was staring at her order in my hand. That isn’t a me problem.


That’s a “report buyer” situation. I’m assuming you didn’t ship within an hour of the order being placed so at least you don’t have a loss coming


Same here. Amazon customers got used to be treated like spoiled brats who are entitled to everything. Adjusted to the number of sales I have on other platforms, the number of complaints I get on Amazon is significantly higher. I ship the same products using the same shipping methods and supplies and somehow Amazon customers have significantly more DNR cases than any other customer base, more complaints about quality/mistakes, etc. And when you try to reach out to them to inquire about a mistake in their shipping address or why they are trying to return an item that is “not as expected” - crickets.

“Why are you on Amazon, then, if it’s so bad here?”
My products end up on Amazon whether I want it or not. Amazon sellers have been copying my listings in bulk, including my product photos and designs and posting them as their own on Amazon, sometimes with my watermark logo still on the photo. So even products that I never uploaded to Amazon end up here and are sold as counterfeits. I submit copyright complaints on them and they are taken down just to be recreated a few days later by another seller (or the same seller under another account). I would have to hire someone to work for me full time just to find and take down counterfeits.


Alright, so you say “no response needed” and move on? Amazon would never provide a refund to a customer who said the item was damaged before it was even shipped. Honestly, I laugh at those messages every night… I don’t quit amazon over it.


I understand your frustration. I have been in various forms of business for 40 years and this is one of the most difficult i have ever experienced. you have chinese competitors that violate Amazon rules right and left and thumb their noses at Amazon . you have back room people who look for reasons to cancel listings and sales accounts. its frustrating but for now i keep hoping i can find a way to develop a good working relationship with Amazon. I’m starting to think the key may be to find a way to stay of amazons radar screen . maybe finding products that dont sell much but stay off the radar. Meanwhile I’ve never seen a more difficult selling environment.


For whatever reason, I’ve been on a 50% rolling reserve from the time I’ve started selling. That was two years ago. Literally perfect metrics (0% everything that should be 0, 100% everything that should be 100). Yet, they’ve never lifted my rolling reserve. I don’t complain too much since it is my money, and I will get it eventually. Although, I do weekly transfers as well. Initially, because I desperately needed the cash, nowadays just out of habit and the small thought that runs through my head… what would happen if I got suspended for some stupid reason?


Everything that I sell on Amazon and eBay is what I make in my workshop, such as cedar keepsake boxes, furniture lifters, chess boards, pet coffins, wood blocks, etc. All things are not stocked in advance, but made as the order comes in. Often I take photographs of the item and email a few images to the customer as it is readied for shipment. That’s my insurance policy against customer malfeasances.

Sometimes, a customer will try to say not as described on Amazon, or challenge the product description. I am presuming that they do such things to try to get back their original postage costs and all. However, photos tell the truth and a tape measure doesn’t lie. I get occasional returns, not many, but in such cases, when there is a tiff, my photos usually prevail in such circumstances. I understand that my business model is probably a bit unique for Amazon sellers, but my business model works well.


Lol. I had a customer demand a refund because the item was damaged. I gave him the return policy. The next email was Amazon didn’t confirm the order, so it had never shipped, so I need to refund without return. Cancel the return. Tracking says delivered, so I should be good for this one. These customers seem to come out for holiday season.


Yep you hit the nail on the head. So much stuff is knockoff nowadays I don’t even look on amazon.

I hate that customer service sucks so bad too. Literally I wonder if they hear a thing I say or if they are trained to ramble some crazy nonsense just to get people off the phone. The background noise is loud and I have to make the person repeat themselves 10 times because the accent is so strong I can’t pick up on what they are saying.

Had a gal last year want a return the moment I shipped something. Said was an accidental purchase. Then when it was delivered she said she needed me to send a replacement for some stupid reason because it was the only thing her daughter really wanted for Christmas. Just trying to rip me off.


It’s the fact that there are so many people out there wanting to rip people off and your hate lies in the hands of Amazon who has your money by the balls.



Hasn’t been my experience.
I guess it depends what you sell and how you run your business.

Good luck in your next endeavor.


Amazon accounts for 25% of my sales.

I’d do just fine without them, although I would very much miss the support they have provided to my business.


I’m not sure if I have one in a hundred buyers trying to scam me, how is it that this seller claims to have “About one in every 10 buyers tries to screw you”

I think its time to accept the reality that this is not for everyone. It isn’t. If it were, it would be even more competitive than it already is. The “shake-out” of these disgruntled sellers is a healthy process in that regard. If they are so dissatisfied, and so lacking in competency, - it can’t be benefitting anyone, not their competitors, not Amazon, not the customers, and not themselves.

For me this works nicely. I spent a whole life talking. Too much talk, too much words, too much conversation. With this, I found a way to sit here and enjoy the quiet. I listen to the hssing sound of the heat coming through the radiators. I listen to the wind hitting the windows. I listen to classical music on public radio.

It’s not the best compensation that I even made. Its quiet, and I like that.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Correct. But every package destroyed by usps… i paid for. Every kid that broke a toy the first day… I paid for. Amazon sides with buyer for EVERYTHING. Some things I approved returns on, never received back… I paid for (twice really). Amazon told them to keep the item. Just not worth it.


Great response Uncle Charlie. Thanks!

But there are some there some Sellers that are so blind they cannot see.


I once talked to a seller non-support person and I swear there were at least a dozen kids screaming in the background. And to think our fees pay or that ‘service’.


I will never leave amazon as long as Amazon allow me as a seller


The key to preventing creeps from claiming that their package arrived damaged is to take lots of photos of the product before shipping. Take photos of the package too. If the package arrives damaged, the shipper is at fault. Otherwise, they’re lying and trying to get a free product.


What country & area are you shipping to?