I need help, I dont understand why i got banned after appeal ಥ_ಥ


I have only been selling for 5 months and then I suddenly get suspended. Of course I was still a new seller so I have no idea what is safe to sell. I have been selling sublimation phone cases, i realize that the ninja turtles designs are copyrighted, but its not like i copy and paste, i designed the turtles and powerpuff girls my own “illustrative” way and been selling every day. Heres the warning from amazon:

We took this action because it has come to our attention that you have listed items that may be in violation of our policy against intellectual property infringement.
We encourage you to take appropriate steps to resolve any pending orders. Note that any amounts paid as a result of A-to-z Guarantee claims and chargebacks may be deducted from your Marketplace Payments account.
After 90 days, the hold will be removed and any remaining funds will be available per your settlement schedule. In addition, balance and settlement information will be available in the Payments section of your seller account. If you have questions about these funds, please write to payments-funds@amazon.com.
If you would like to appeal this decision, please visit the Notifications page in the Performance section of your account, find this message in the list of notifications, and click the Appeal button.

My appeal for that one was not that great at that time, and all that, I got this message after i sent my appeal.

We are conducting a review of your selling account. To complete our review, we need to verify your entire inventory and ‘authorization letter’ of the supplier.

Please reply to this message with this information:

  • Copies of receipts or invoices
  • Your distributor’s or supplier’s contact information (name, phone number, address, etc.)

You may obscure pricing information on any receipts or invoices you send. We ask that you do not obscure any other portion of these documents.

Before we can consider reinstatement of your selling privileges, please provide us with a detailed account of the steps you will take to ensure your listings comply with our policies. We will then review your plan and determine whether to reinstate your privileges.

Account reviews support our commitment to improving the customer experience. These reviews are intended to ensure the timely shipment of orders, compliance with our selling policies, and the mutual success of buyers and sellers in the Amazon Marketplace.

Thank you for selling on Amazon.com.

Heres my response:

Dear Amazon,
Thank you for allowing me to have an opportunity to redeem myself. I truly apologize for has happened, selling in Amazon has rules that needs to be followed, and given this chance, I will make sure that all my listing follows the Amazon policy.

I have developed a plan of action to ensure that my products will strictly adhere to Amazon selling policies.

Plan of action:
1.) Remove all listing that are listed in my inventory that violates the Amazon’s policy (completed).

2.) When creating an image, I will be highly aware of copy right brands and do research before posting them on Amazon, if I am unsure, I will contact amazon and/or experienced sellers.

3.) Ensure that the customer is utmost satisfied and respond promptly to their needs.

On this letter I have attached invoices of my recent purchases from a legitimate supplier and the “letter of authorization” from the sales manager of the supplier. These are the supplies for my sublimation case designs.

Thank you for considering my selling privileges, if there are any information you need, please let me know.

Their kind response:

Thank you for writing. After a review of your account by an account specialist, we have decided not to reinstate your selling privileges.
We regret we are unable to provide further information on this situation. Further correspondence regarding the closure of your selling account may not be answered.
The closure of this account is a permanent action. Any subsequent accounts that are opened will be closed as well.

Feeling confident about my email and when I saw this, i felt dead inside. They ddint even gave me the reason, what did i do wrong? I have no negatives, no canceled orders, no complaints and immediate refunds with no items return. all i did was make a mistake of that intellectual proprietary infringement, but I removed the copyrighted images before i sent this email. On that email i attached 2 invoices that i ordered from china, and the authorization letter from the chinese sales manager. Even from where I worked they buy lots of china stuff, im sure this isnt the issue. Im, a designer, i just want to design, sell, I didnt do anything that caused some kind counterfit items, I designed them all. >.< Well anyway, please help me out, Im really confused and frustrated about this.

Thank you (╥︣﹏᷅╥)


I’m really sorry that this has happened to you. The thing is, you can’t “design” copyrighted figures. If the figures you designed are recognizable as Ninja Turtles or Powerpuff Girls, then you are infringing on the copyright–basically, the companies see you as stealing their copyrighted material and selling it.

Your appeals did not show that you understood this. That’s why they were rejected. And, I’m sorry to say, that last one you got is usually the final one. You can try again, but you may not get any response.

Having invoices from China, if they were for production of your violating designs, won’t matter.


On another note, I find your emoji faces hilarious, given the situation…
Move on…try etsy


You counterfeited intellectual property. This is why you got banned.


> {quote:title=}{quote}Of course I was still a new seller so I have no idea what is safe to sell.

You are about the third suspended or otherwise in trouble seller today to say that.

Amazon thinks you have no business selling here if you don’t know what’s “safe to sell.” They assume all sellers are aware of intellectual property rights and US copyright law. You can’t go into any business and plead ignorance of the law.

You wilfully copied other’s intellectual property. Just because you changed a couple details doesn’t make it right. That is a suspendable offense on Amazon.

Apparently when they reviewed your entire account, they didn’t like what they saw and figured you’d just keep on with business as usual.

Good luck in your next design venture. And please make sure next time your designs are original.

BTW, you picked one of the most highly counterfeited and highly watched categories on Amazon to list your fakes in, and I’m sure they weren’t impressed with invoices from China. China could give a flip about US copyright law and think anything they can get away with is just fine.

Sorry it happened, but there is most likely no chance for reinstatement now.


i realize that the ninja turtles designs are copyrighted, but its not like i copy and paste, i designed the turtles and powerpuff girls my own “illustrative” way


Here’s your sign.


But I removed all the items that has copyrights, i dont understand why they banned me, darn, i should have posted this letter before sending it to amazon…As the letter states, Im not planning to do any infringement afterwards, or maybe its misunderstood…


so that second letter was just a waste of time, i was already banned? :\ they could have at least warned me in the beginning, I was new to this of course i was exciting from the sales. Is there any way they can reconsider later, or perhaps i should call?


+Further correspondence regarding the closure of your selling account may not be answered.+
+The closure of this account is a permanent action. Any subsequent accounts that are opened will be closed as well.+

That is the end of the story.

Your appeal demonstrated you do not understand enough of intellectual property rights to be trusted to sell here.


The thing you were doing…you can’t do that. It’s illegal. You should really have already known that.


Your history of infringement was enough where Amazon doesn’t care that you promised not to do it anymore.


Amazon doesn’t think they should need to warn sellers not to use their site to list illegal goods.



As you’ve discovered, you can’t do that. You do not own, nor have a licensing arrangement with, the trademark holders for TMNT or PPG. It’s not enough to draw your own pictures of them. They are trademarked images. In order to use any tm image for any commercial purpose, one has to have a licensing agreement. No doubt the tm holder entered a complaint with Amazon.

Amazon tells sellers they need to know what they are selling is legal and permitted. Yours wasn’t legal. You were selling unlicensed copies. That’s known as counterfeiting. It’s a crime. Amazon won’t reinstate any seller who breaks a law on top of Amazon rules.


When they say “Further correspondence regarding the closure of your selling account may not be answered.” that pretty much means the end.


As it turns out it was a waste of time. If you were able to provide legitimate invoices and documentation, as suggested, it wouldn’t have been, but obviously that wasn’t going to happen.

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