I keep getting shipping priv suspended for oversize box but my units are 25"+


Is this happening to anyone else? Sell several oversize items including many over 25", so obviously they need to be in boxes 25+ inches long. I keep disputing and winning, but I don’t tend to notice the issue until I’m working on a shipment, which causes delays. I’ve been wondering if it’s just error or if I’m making it worse because sending to multiple warehouses and keeping under the 50lb limit often means having some of the items be 25"+ and others 18-25" in the same box. But per Amazon policy, this should be okay because they’re not excessively large.

“Boxes containing multiple standard-size items must not exceed 25.00 inches on any side. A box may exceed the 25.00 inch limit if it contains oversize units that measure longer than 25.00 inches. Boxes that are excessively large relative to the oversize units may be subject to restriction of shipping privileges, additional fees, or refusal at a fulfillment center.”



If this is a repeat problem. you realistically have only two choices.

Either continue and experience the difficulties you are experiencing or stop selling those items in FBA.

Exception handling is not an area of Amazon strength. You cannot count on anything other than simple bot like handling of your shipments.

What you are doing is like pushing a rope.