I have two address


i have two addresses my old address and my new address it wasn’t letting my use my new address so I used my old one and now my acct is deactivated and I don’t know which address I should upload to get it reactivated should I doo the one on my card or my home address

Activate account

Open a case with Amazon before making any more changes.


how though i cant seem create one


check performance notification or under account health there must be something why your account was deactivated and also giving you a way to appeal that.


Hello @kenniel_lundy,

Yvonne from Amazon here to assist you.

I understand the frustration you have faced, and thank you for turning to the forums community with your concerns.

Unfortunately as the contents of performance notification is not given to us we have limited visibility as to why your account was deactivated and what kind of steps you were requested to follow.

In order for us to offer you with more specific support, I would encourage you to reply to this thread with the performance notification related to the current enforcement for the community and I to review and provide additional insights on this matter.

Thank you @NYC_Pilot_Shop and @Samscosmetics for sharing your insights as well.

We look forward to hearing from you.



You’re Very Welcome:)


it asks
me to upload a bill to verify my address for the card but the bill is in my brothers name


is the card in your brother’s name? Because name and address must match what You have within Your Account.
I had an issue where it was in my personal
name and account was in business name.
Customer Service told me to match it with whats on Your bills then once approved I can fix it back do that is what I did to fix that issue. Hope this helps:)


no, the bill is the only one in his name everything else is mine


Hmm…. I wonder how that can be resolved any response from amazon?


You need a credit card on your name and your address.


evertime i submit a case it keeps telling me I’m in the wrong area when I am in the right section


so bank statment will work or not


oh gees:/


Hi @kenniel_lundy,

This is Yvett from Amazon to provide more support on your end.

Understand that you have faced document submissions issue.

Some companies, corporations, or charities need to submit a government-issued national ID for the primary contact, or the beneficial owner or trustee.

The name of the point of contact or company mentioned on the document should match the point of contact name or business name provided during registration.

Make sure your documents meet the following criteria:

Bank account or credit card statements:

  • Must match the name of the point of contact provided during registration
  • Must contain the address
  • Must be dated within the last 180 days
  • Be in color (black and white not accepted)
  • Must show transaction activity, but you can black out the transaction amount
  • The name of the point of contact mentioned in the statement should match with the name of point of contact mentioned during registration.
  • Bank logo, bank account number, address, point of contact (name of person to contact on behalf of the business), and bank account holder name must be clearly visible.

Proof of address

  • The name and address must be clearly visible.
  • It may be a water, electricity, gas, internet, telecom, or cell phone bill issued by a utility company (your options will appear in the drop-down menu on the page).
  • If the utility bill for the specified address is not in your name, please provide the utility bill associated with the registered address and other proof that you operate using that address, even if the bill is not in your name.
  • Must have been issued within the last 180 days.

In order for us further assistance on this matter, I would encourage you to provide your performance notification related to the current enforcement for the community and us to review.

Thank you @Samscosmetics @Rocinante for your active participation in this thread as well!

I hope my response provides clarification to your question.



Yw & Ty:)


so can I use my bank statement from the bank, I used on file instead


To answer the question in your duplicate thread, no, you cannot close a suspended account.

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