I have been fooled by Amazon


I tried to start an account on amazon. Was charged 49 dollars. My account was immediately suspended before I had the possibility to do anything. After calling the support and send in my utility bill nothing happend. After calling the support additional 3 times the account was closed down without any explenation. Amazon is not a seriuos company.

Joakim Brenden from Sweden


So you failed verification. Badly failed verification.

Typical Verification issues are as follows:

  1. Utility bill does not match the address in Seller Central.
  2. Business license address does not match address in Seller Central or Utility bill.
  3. National/State identity card does not match one or more of the documents sent.
  4. Phone numbers and fax numbers should be consistent throughout the documents sent in.
  5. If an invoice was sent in along with the other paperwork it also does not match the business name and address(must be an exact match down to the letters and spaces).
  6. The invoice sent in is not an invoice, rather it is a receipt or proforma invoice.
  7. You name does not match across all the documents. This may be a misspelling or even a premarriage name that was never changed.
  8. Bank information that you sent is an online screen print. Amazon wants to see what would be mailed to you if you were getting it mailed. This is normally available as a downloadable PDF from most banks.
  9. You are creating an account or have opened a banking account in a country that Amazon does not permit to sell on Amazon.
  10. You are attempting to use a prepaid/debit card instead of a credit card. Amazon does not accept Payoneer cards for seller accounts. https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/861
  11. Credit card is being rejected. Did you enter the CVV numbers?
  12. Other documents that you are providing are online screen prints and what you are sending is not a mailable document. Most Vendors, utility bills, etc, should be able to allow you to download a PDF document that looks like one that would have been mailed to you.

Additional information on why Seller Verification fails.

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