I have a USa Account but I am charged for International that I did not sign up for


I just opened a Unified US store. A few days later I was charged for different international stores that I did not sign up for, UK, Japan, France, Spain, etc, I don’t want to cancel my credit card since it is not fraud only a glitch in Amazon, but so far I am up to $200+ in charges for different amazon countries that I did not sign up for. I replied to the emails but I get no response. I called the US support line and they say they can’t help me. This is crazy, I can’t get help or a refund or an explanation from anyone. Amazon is just charging me for something I don’t have and I can’t get any help.


there is a program where you pay 1 fee for all the international stores (same fee as only 1 country). Maybe you can ask to speak to the global selling team and changing to that might be easier than cancelling the extra countries.

The US support can’t help you for other countries. If you can’t get global selling team to help, you might need to contact the support at each of those places. Europe is one support group (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy), can you can try to contact UK.

Japan is another separate one. Good luck!